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Friday, April 14

DeeperSoul Session 31



Dj: Michele Benotto

Affiliation: Pleasure House

Country: Italy

Listen / Download DeeperSoul Session 31 - Mixed by Michele Benotto

1. Franck Roger & O. Portal feat. C. Wonder - Me, Myself & I (Beats) [Seasons Limited]
2. A Hundred Birds - Black Water (Dub) [Wave Music]
3. Fish Go Deep with Tracey K. - The Cure and The Cause (D. Ferrer Remix) [Go Deep]
4. Stacey Mallory - Synergy (Guitar Mix) [4 Real Records]
5. Jihad Muhammad - That Sax Track [Movement Soul Recordings]
6. The Soulplanet Jazz Ensemble - Music Brings Me Back (Club Instr. Mix) [Soulplanet]
7. Jimmy Deer - Look Into My Eyes (Franck Roger Remix) [Cha Cha Project]
8. Greg Kozo feat. Yuanist Woods - What And Where (G.K. Dub Deep Mix) [Place Blanche]
9. DJ Pope feat. Adrian Moore - Each One Teach One (b-sOuL'S Vox) [POJI Records]
10. Anto Vitale pres. Shabu Music - Deep Batida [Cdr]
11. Mainstreet pres. Organic Session Part 1 - Jansa y Juju (Main Mix) [KIF SA]
12. Awakening - Take Me Now (Bah Samba Acoustic Mix) [suSU Records]


  • At 2:15 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Nice one Michele. Jazzy, groovy!

    Joe S.

  • At 5:35 pm, Anonymous Miche said…

    Thank you Joe..!
    I'm happy u like it ;)
    Best Regards

  • At 5:48 pm, Anonymous Johnathan said…

    I liked this.. It was smooth all the way through.. not too heavy, not too hard.. good mix.

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