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Sunday, March 11

DeeperSoul Session 50



Dj: Michele Benotto

Affiliation: Motion FM

Country: Italy

Listen / Download

01. Raw Artistic Soul feat. John Gibbons - In Their Eyes [GOGO Music]
02. Mary J. Blige - Be Without You (Jihad Muhammad "Movement Soul" Mix) [CDR]
03. Jill Scott - Golden (Wookie's Sunshine Vocal Mix) [Epic]
04. Floetry - Say Yes (David Harness Vocal Mix) [Fall Out Records]
05. John Legend - Ordinary People (Unknown Remix) [CDR]
06. Maxwell - Ascension (Don't Ever Wonder) (PowderSoul Beatz Up Edit) [CDR]
07. Anto Vitale pres. Shabu Music feat. Alex Senna - Theorema Del Faya (Fire Theory)
(Tea Party Vocal Mix) [Tea Party Music CD Promo]
08. Heather Headley - Me Time (Darryl James Vocal Mix) [FallOut Records]
09. Jose Carretas feat. Dee - That Beats Soul (Vocal) [SpaceKat]
10. Roberto De Carlo feat. Joshua - Soulful Things (Original Mix) [GOGO Music]
11. Syren - My First Love (ReelSoul Sole Channel Mix) [Home Recordings]


  • At 8:35 pm, Anonymous Joe S. said…

    Nice one, love it!

    05. John Legend - Ordinary People (Unknown Remix)

    Who's behind it? Amazing, the best remix I heard for that song. I need this... is it released (white label)?

  • At 10:48 pm, Anonymous Miche said…

    Hi joe! yeah amazing rmx!
    I've it by 2005 and don't know who's the producer..I think that's a cdr unreleased.
    Take care,


  • At 12:05 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Joe thats all over the web as quentin harris mix but not sure if its really because some others has it as drum something vox mix, i really dont remember who`s the "something" but you can easily find it in the net.. by the way.. what the hell is a cdr unreleased? i never understood that..

  • At 1:15 pm, Anonymous Miche said…

    anonymous, if u read : i'm not sure who's the remixer, only a supposition. cdr unreleased : because i don't know if he has been release or just a cdr.
    by the way take care, regards

  • At 10:21 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    miche i probably did not expressed myself good, so i apologise, all i wanted to know its why you guys instead of put "unreleased" put "cdr unreleased" ? i mean, im just trying to understand, thats it, for example, you put the teorema del faya track as " tea party cd promo" for me, that means that you got the cdr promo from the label or from Ian Himself, but im sure that not happened and you wrote anyway tea party cdr promo.. but for you, something thats its not released yet could be a cdr promo, i mean, i have nothing to do with it, for me, picking up the tea party records for example, a tea party cdr promo its a cd printed by the label itself with the EP, tracks, remixes, whatever, previously not released, but hey, thats just me, i was just trying to understand.
    take care buddy

  • At 10:55 pm, Anonymous Miche said…

    Well anonymous, my cdr stuff is given by the artists. No heart feelings. Enjoy music, not p2p
    Take care!


  • At 11:13 pm, Anonymous anto vitale said…

    Damn Wicked Mix Bro! Lovin it! And Thanks for supporting my "still" CDR jam (lol) as well ;) much love

  • At 11:56 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    great! i totally agree with that, p2p is killing music, well, but i still have to ask you this, if u get all the cdr`s from artists, how did u get the john legend cdr unknow remix if u said it you dont know who the artist is?

  • At 7:40 am, Anonymous Miche said…

    - anto vitale: thank u bro, always a pleasure! peace ;)
    (questo qua è un rosicone!)

    - anonymous: it's my last answer because u keep on writing without a name. u've written this before:

    "Joe thats all over the web as quentin harris mix but not sure if its really because some others has it as drum something vox mix, i really dont remember who`s the "something" BUT YOU CAN EASILY FIND IT IN THE NET.. "

    **** ARE U SURE TO HATE P2P? ****

    by the way, i've this not as cd promo, but send it to me a mine good friend producer to promote in mine radioshow.stop.

    this is a space to put comment about the deepersoul sessions.
    do not disgress on other.

    bye bye "mr. anonymous"

  • At 11:29 am, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    how old are you? 22 right? i have old enough to be your dad, plus, i own a label and guys like you are killing music, plus, you a are liar because in all your sessions you play unreleased stuff, but not only you, the guy with mix behind yours also has the tea party too, and guess what, me too, but thats not the point.

    " Well anonymous, my cdr stuff is given by the artists. "

    you are trying to tell me that all the tracks you got that its not released at the moment you got, are from the artists? and you want me to believe that? plus, you want me, to believe that you are not in MSN and probably AIM all the time, dealing, receiving and sending tracks? most of the big producers in US dont receive the cdr promos from the artists and sometimes not even from the labels, but you do?
    ok kid take care, i gotta get ready for Miami, i have work to do and a kid to feed, keep doing what you thing its write.
    ciao bambino

  • At 1:19 pm, Anonymous Schmoe Joe said…

    Great choice of tracks. Keep up the good work.

  • At 7:01 pm, Blogger cakesfactory said…

    All this issue about cdr makes no particular sense here… I believe it’s a big misunderstanding. Please guys, lets close it. Don’t forget that DeeperSoul Blog is all about music passion… please respect it. Comments about the mix are still welcome, of course!
    Thank you.

  • At 7:59 pm, Anonymous Miche said…

    yes bro, it's what i think too.
    we are here for the love of music
    and the artists. always thanx for the support & the passion u made on this site. take care!

    p.s. thank u for the kind words joe schmoe! :)



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