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Sunday, November 18

DeeperSoul Friends in the mix



....DJ Ronnie

....Just Soul

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01. Truth Hurts
02. Muzik Me (Original Mix) by Akisy
03. Your Beat Sounds Like (Ramus Faber Deep Journey Mix) Ron Gelfer feat. Tiger Lily
04. One Night Stand (Original Mix) by Arnaud D Frederic G feat. Jessie
05. Universal Love by Ananda Project
06. Angel by Franck Roger
07. Double by Desire (Frankie Feliciano Inst. Mix)
08. Fanga by Abicah Soul
09. The Warning (Unreleased Mix)
10. A Journey Into (Vocal Mix) by Latin Roots
11. Wahrani Soul
12. Darios Groove
13. Knightwriters Remix


  • At 3:59 am, Blogger MAD said…

    First time posting on this board. I had to tell you how much I love your mixes. During my work day I listen to them in the cube and when I go home at night my wife and I dance to them with our kids. This is good vibes music.

  • At 3:51 pm, Blogger DJ Ronnie said…

    Thanks....I really appreciate that. I have a lot more that I can share with you just email me @

  • At 7:17 pm, Anonymous Kelly said…

    Beautiful mix. I'm a Soulful House woman, thank you :)

  • At 2:20 am, Anonymous Bobby C said…

    Thanks for sharing the Soulful House sound. You have skills and a great ear for what House music is. I have you on my IPOD and it allows me to calm down when stuck in NYC traffic


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