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Sunday, June 19



É com grande satisfação que anuncio uma nova rubrica do DeeperSoul – “The Jewles of DJ Kwe”. Regularmente, a simpática e multi-talentosa DJ Kwe vai dedicar umas palavras a temas que lhe despertam especial gosto, independentemente da data de lançamento.

Nada melhor do que a própria em discurso directo.

Take a handful of good intentions, a pinch of technical skill, mix thoroughly with house music and what do you get? A recipe for healing and inspiration for the world to share.
Ahni, my name is DJ KWE and I’ve been djing for 3 years but experiencing electronic music since ’95. Not too mention the countless classic house parties we had in high school back when it was “new” house music. Yes I may be seasoned, but with all the right sweets & spices, sexiness & sass!
I was born in North Vancouver BC, Canada and now currently reside in the heart of Toronto ON, Canada. I'm working hard as a DJ, Producer, WebSite Coordinator, Writer/Colomnist, Photographer, Voice Talent, Motivational Speaker and a Soccer Player.
My friends call me Crystaaal and I'm half Native and half Irish, another recipe for combining two nations under the guise of one heart. My DJ name is “KWE” meaning Woman and it comes from my Native name. I offer my music and skills to those who need inspiration to walk softly on Mother Earth.
I’m proud to offer those medicines to all nations as I try to raise the bar in life and in a good way. I’m now a full timer in the pursuit of musicness, scared of the unknown, yet excited and ready to take that leap of faith. Sometimes life gives you one chance to make a first impression.
Therefore, I offer you music in hopes that my efforts to be myself may truly shine through.
I deliver my musical message with humble beauty on the inside and braids on the outside...all my best and respect DJ KWE, Crystaaal


  • At 4:32 pm, Anonymous Mark O said…

    Certainly, an excelent contribution to enrich this space. Welcome to Deepersoul Dj Kwe, sure will be nice hearing from you...

  • At 5:24 pm, Anonymous MrCool said…

    Hi Dj Kwe, and welcome to the family ;)

  • At 10:59 pm, Anonymous Greg from paris said…

    kwepine rules da world ! \o/

  • At 10:06 pm, Anonymous DJ KWE said…

    Thanks so much everyone...what an honour and a pleasure!


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