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Tuesday, December 13

Guest Review (Franco Martinelli)



Groove Junkies

Just Groovin


Californian soulful house masters Groove Junkies release their new single on OM Records. "Just groovin'' is another soulful gem, featuring the great vocal performance of Solara and already included in the double mixed CD "House of OM" by Groove Junkies. The "Main room madness mix" is a powerful version, with solid beats, a killer bassline, rhodes and sax, while the "Classic roots mix" is a cool and more atmospheric alternative version, with great flute and sax in a classic Groove Junkies' style. Love it!

sample1 (Classic Roots Mix)

sample2 (Main Room Madness Mix)

sample3 (Deep Down OG Mix)

Reviewed by Franco Martinelli


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