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Sunday, March 12

Respect - Osunlade


Phil Asher

Osunlade is an artist who personifies art.
His music as well as his being creates unified melodies manifested with balance, life and wisdom.

Revitalizing the sometimes stagnant New York deep house scene, Osunlade's music is rhythmically propulsive, soulful, and highly spiritual, not surprising considering he is a priest in the Yoruba religion of Ifa. With a background in soul music, Osunlade worked with Lauryn Hill and Patti Labelle before turning to house, the music of his childhood. After forming his record label, Yoruba, Osunlade quickly established a reputation for refreshing singles such as "Power to Conquer" and "Cantos A Ochun Et Oya."
As Yoruba's catalog developed a wider fan base, the venerable Soul Jazz label, most famous for their compilations, approached Osunlade about recording for them. Paradigm was one of the year's best albums and signalled a new height in Osunlade's career.
With appearances on many compilations and frequent remix requests, it's clear that Osunlade has struck a nerve with the dance community.
Listen here some of his work (house):
sample1/sample2 > Roy Ayers - "Tarzan" (Yoruba Soul mix/Dub)
sample > John Beltran - "Your Colors" (Osunlade Yoruba Soul mix)
sample > Erro - "Don't Change" (Yoruba Soul mix)
sample1/sample2 > Osunlade pres. Nadirah Shakoor - "Just A Breath Away"
sample1/sample2 > Osunlade feat. Maiya James - "Same Thing"
sample1/sample2 > KB - "Feelin U"
sample > Tortured Soul - "I Might Do Something Wrong" (Yoruba soul mix)
sample1/sample2 > Osunlade - "Gwotet" (Yoruba Soul remix)


  • At 7:05 pm, Anonymous YoannYOZ said…

    This man is very cool! I see him in Bordeaux (France) for a very good mix!
    I like his sound ! (sorry for my english !)


  • At 2:58 am, Anonymous gj said…

    Feeling his spiritual side in his productions, however he does too many remixes, overshadowing the better ones...


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