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Sunday, December 2





Screwface City

Shines Rec.

On “Screwface city“ Gene King a.k.a. Genetix has chosen to turn the bpm knob up a bit - but don’t worry, he kept those characteristic organ sounds and dreamy landscapes we love. The West mix offers a warm, bubbly synthloop and the most uplifting, light-hearted mood in this package. The East mix goes to explore the deeper and orbital shades of the track, together with some underground house synth. The Plusgroove remix is more stripped-down, comes with some excentric percussion and an intense electronic loop which creates a hypnotic atmosphere. Excellent work as always, a release which will fit just as comfortably on the dancefloor as for pure listening pleasure.

Reviewed by Nikki

sample1 > West Mix

sample2 > East Mix

sample3 > Plusgroove Mix


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