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Saturday, February 16

DeeperSoul Session 88



Dj: Dj DaSouL

Affiliation: Sofi Tone Rec.

Country: Italy

Listen / Download

1) Dom Navarra Ft Antonio Navarra - New Life(DaSouL & Hooger Re-touch)
2) Reel People ft Tony Momrelle - Amazing (Jon Cutler Remix)
3) ??????????????????????????????
4) Jovonn Feat. Tanisha - I Am A Lover (Bass Room Lover Mix)
5) Jovonn - Ey Biyea
6) Jesus Gonserv - everythig is illuminated
7) Patti labelle - material (abicah soul rmx)
8) Asia Lynn - If We Could Change The World (Joe Flame Mix)
9) Joe Flame - Resistance is mandorty
10) Dom Navarra Ft Antonio Navarra - New Life(Positano's Bros Re-touch)
11) Joe Flame - I cant stand it
12) Doobie J feat Yvonne Yanney Mellow Heart (Dom-Navarras-Latin-Magic-Mix)


  • At 7:34 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    this is a very nice mix.


  • At 12:13 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Vety nice show , wonderful music!!
    You are so beautiful sounds really nice, track ID please?

  • At 4:29 pm, Blogger Dj DaSouL said…


  • At 7:23 am, Blogger PS said…

    Ayyy Yoshi Yoshi Yoshi ....

  • At 3:06 am, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Hot session & nice selection man.

    Funky ed

  • At 9:33 am, Blogger PS said…

    Yoshi, which one was track 3 ?

    Souldeepsikh needs it, say to our the name please.

    Thanks mixmaster.


  • At 9:39 am, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Yo bro comliments!!:)


  • At 8:35 am, Blogger DJ Menny said…

    Joe Flame - Resistance is mandorty

    is it out? or it's a promo?
    help :)

  • At 12:30 pm, Blogger PS said…

    Is promo, not release.

  • At 4:30 am, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    u got a hot mix!!!!

    we share a great dj name

    dion"DASOUL!"seasar(solentelekt,houston texas ,USA)


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