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Friday, March 21

Phuture Sole



Kenny Carvajal feat. Swaylo

You Remind Me (Abicah Soul & Tony Loreto remix)

Phuture Sole

The 12th release from Phuture Sole is a wonderful remix by Abicah Soul and Tony Loreto, both on a roll at the moment, for the hit “You Remind Me” by Kenny Carvajal feat. Swaylo. Just in time to Miami, this remix is based on a smooth percussive groove enriched by jazzy keyboard work by Tony Loreto and Antonio Di Mauro, including an irresistible organ solo, together with Consuela Ivy’s soulful vocals. Top quality as usual from Phuture Sole.

sample1/sample2 > You Remind Me (Abicah Soul & Tony Loreto Mix)

sample3 > You Remind Me (Abicah Soul & Tony Loreto Instrumental)


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