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Saturday, January 17

Phuture Sole



Steal Vybe feat. Alexis Simmons

Selene (The goddess of the Moon)

Phuture Sole

New record from Phuture Sole, more quality house music in the scene! “Selene (The goddess of the Moon)” from Steal Vybe feat. Alexis Simmons appears in 3 versions and a remix by man of the moment Jonny Montana. “Chris Forman Club Mix” features a powerful electronic bassline and dreamin’ synths together with splendid vocals from Alexis. “Chris Forman Dubprise” starts with the vocals but rapidly the synths arrive to command the track. “Damon's Abstractic Mix” is a more spiritual affair with beautiful flute and melodic bassline. Finally, Jonny Montana adds his typical soothing beats and strings, jazzy keys and the mandatory organ solo, resulting in another soulful winner.

sample1 > Chris Forman Club Mix

sample2 > Chris Forman Dubprise

sample3 > Damon's Abstractic Mix

sample4 > Jonny Montana Remix


  • At 10:05 pm, Anonymous DJ Pugwash said…

    Yo!!..this is sublime!!..where can I get a copy??


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