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Monday, September 19

Jazz Toque

Deep!The Funklovers

Jazz Toque EP        
K&D Lab
Produced by The Funklovers (Fabrizio MunaĆ² & Luciano Tarantino), DeepSole Syndacate (Corey Munk Julious McCue & Sean Ali), Marc Riwer and Mus Threee (Piero Napolitano, Lino Baccaro e Marco Bellavia). Vocals by Sugar Flower and Coco Rouzier. Groove bass by Luca Romeo. Solo Bass by Simone Bellavia. Bass by Antonio Bellavia and Marc Riwer. Guitar by Silvio Ferro and Marc Riwer. Piano by Emanuele Francesconi. Sax & Flute by Dario Terzuolo and Paolo Parpagione. Rodhes by Emanuele Francesconi, Antonio de Donno and Sergio de Donno. Percussion by Antonio De Donno. Trumpet by Marco Puzzello.


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