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Wednesday, June 22


2mute vs Random Method
“Feelin Good” (R.M. mix)

Slide Rec. 2002

If you want the sexiest dubby bassline than look no ear tells me that this bassline is reminiscent of artists Bucketheads "The Bomb" old house mix that has rocked and sex'd us up for years...this is not only a sexy track but it also has the potential to rock the peak times in the dirtiest soulful rub n dub must remember those events where it was about the music that made you move and groove...

If I could ever dream of a woman's voice it would be the female voice they poetically overlaid...perfect volume and effects bring the sensuality and sultriness to a peak...definitely a yummy choice of simple words that say what I'm thinking and feeling when I'm listening..."it feels so good"

Whether you are a DJ or not this is one of those tracks you can play over and over again, so buy it...this is a wikked production to get the ladies up and struttin our you know it's all about us "LAYDEEZ" loosening up on the dancefloor waiting for that house explosion of fire and for what happens when you have an amazing set...and the water for our fans that need to cool off from the love...just thought I'd add that in there...hahaha

This production uses synths to accentuate the highs and mids giving the effect of trance style breaks but always keeping the dubby sexy's a clean production that arouses your senses and gives you a harmonic balance between your eq's...pressing is above average and even the label art is sensual...but you'll have to buy it see as it's suggestive but truly high class fetish for sure..."yah baby"




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