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Wednesday, January 4

Let's get Jazzy!



Micky More

Straight To The Moon EP


If you are into jazzy House, you won’t miss “Straight To The Moon” from Italian Micky More. This amazing record has lush instrumentation and incredible organic vibe thanks to the impressive list of musicians: Riccardo Burattini (Rhodes, Hammond, MiniMoog), Michele Mingo (Keyboard), Amin Zarrinchang (Bass), Luca Pecchia (Guitar), Stefano 'Fefo' Catani (Flute and Sax), Frank Nastri (Percussion), Samuele Garofoli (Trumpet) and Massimo Morganti (Trombone). Absolutely wonderful!

sample1 (Window Of Paradise)

sample2 (Earth Ritual)

sample3 (Sparrow Soul)


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