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Tuesday, January 9

DeeperSoul Session 47 - A Tribute to GU # 1

Deep!DJ: CakesFactory

Affiliation: That Pink Blog

Country: Portugal
Listen / Download
1. Abicah Soul meets Glenn Underground  Esta Hermosa Cancion 
2. Glenn Underground – Crescendo 
3. Glenn Underground – Prelude 
4. Glenn Underground – Nothing but a Groove 
5. Glenn Underground – Trust (Calypso Mix) 
6. Glenn Underground – Black Action 
7. Glenn Underground – Ribbon Around Yo Finger 
8. Glenn Underground – Conquistador (Life Collective Mix) 
9. Reckless Abandonment – Deep Collision 
10. Glenn Underground – Disco Worm 


  • At 10:15 pm, Anonymous João said…

    Viva grande amigo, gostei muito deste tribute, o Glenn já o merecia, e tu fizeste-o da melhor maneira, perfeito!
    Soul & Sax

  • At 11:00 pm, Anonymous Panos said…

    Excellent work bro !!!! Amazing set. Why dont you send it to GU? I am sure it wll be released on cd.



  • At 11:21 pm, Blogger cakesfactory said…

    Thanks for the nice words, good friends!

  • At 9:12 am, Anonymous Leonor said…

    Excelente escolha!!
    Continua este óptimo trabalho!

  • At 10:02 pm, Anonymous Joe S. said…

    Simply brilliant.

  • At 9:34 am, Anonymous UBOC said…

    Very Cool

    Thanks for this track, zen and relax sound. ;-)

  • At 12:43 pm, Anonymous Miche said…

    amazing selection & mix brosito! ;)
    I really love it, keep up the good work rogè!

    Take care,


  • At 9:57 pm, Blogger Funky ed said…

    Wooowwww Wooowww Cakes Man excelente sesion Bro, demasiado buena. Sigue así. Muy buen trabajo

    Dj Funky ed

  • At 11:13 am, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Merci pour ce très bon mixe...
    Excellente sélection...
    Thanks a lot..

  • At 8:52 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Excellent mix bro!!
    Keep up the good work!

    Fabry Housegarage

  • At 8:14 pm, Blogger cakesfactory said…

    Thanks everyone! GU is brilliant, his music really touches our soul... respect.

  • At 6:47 pm, Anonymous Supa south said…

    Génial!!!!!!!! je me permet de downloader et de le graver pour faire découvrir Gleen Underground dés ce soir.

  • At 12:42 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    beautifull session and tracks
    a masterpiece! great work!

    deep love from germany

  • At 2:45 pm, Blogger Buzzing'Fly said…

    Wonderful wonderful, so glad ive found this blog.

    Fabulous work!

  • At 8:11 pm, Blogger cakesfactory said…

    Thank you! Music is the answer...

  • At 9:06 pm, Anonymous trouble t-roy said…

    Wonderful, Wonderful groove, I can't get enough. Keep up the good work. House music for life!!!!


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