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Monday, April 23




DJ Kawasaki

DJ Kawasaki EP2


This 12" was already mentioned here on DeeperSoul but now I bring it up again because it is finally out for everyone. Limited copies.

“DJ Kawasaki EP2” is the new offer from Especial Records and features two tracks from his acclaimed album “Beautiful” [the dreaming instrumental “Shooting Star” and the (well named!) “Beautiful” feat. Karin], and other two from the recent compilation “Beautiful Too” [Kyoto Jazz Massive – “Endless Flight” (DJ Kawasaki Remix) and "Promises" feat. Terrance Downs (Rasmus Faber remix)]. Four high quality cuts on the same 12”, can we really ask more? This is a must-have record…

sample1 > Shooting Star

sample2 > Beautiful (feat Karin)

sample3 > Endless Flight (DJ Kawasaki remix)

sample4 > Promises (feat Terrance Downs - Rasmus Faber remix)


  • At 10:37 am, Blogger Artem said…

    Couldn't find this EP on Juno. Where is it?

    And you linked to MP3 from original Cds (Beautiful and Beautiful-2)...

  • At 8:06 pm, Blogger cakesfactory said…

    Hi Artem,
    You can't find this EP on Juno because it isn't released yet. It will be released next month, I think. Limited copies... keep your eyes open! ;)

  • At 8:43 pm, Blogger cakesfactory said…

    Now available!


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