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Sunday, July 15

Guest Review


Manoo & Francois A


Buzzin' Fly

French-bred Manoo has been churning out sweet yet dark and spiritual tracks the past few years, to deep house fans much delight. His latest release on Buzzin' fly sees him teaming up with friend Francois A to deliver a couple of somewhat downtempo-sounding tracks, but still in the vein of house. The a-side - 'A magnetic' - is a hypnotic track with an uplifting beat punctuated by prolific hi hats, as well as some old-school synth loops and tech riffs. The b-side is a contemplative and beautiful drawing of a rainy day by the sea (or like they call it - 'a day in december'), giving this track a more chilled atmosphere than the intense A-side.

sample1 > Magnetic

sample2 > A Day In December

Reviewed by Nicola Pryke (Nikki)


  • At 7:11 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    This Manoo Is so MONGOOO
    SO Zzzzzzzz SO Annoying, but i love the review!

    Next time choose a wiser track !


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