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Friday, September 7

Shines Records




Vincy Soul

Shines Records

“Vincy Soul” is the new EP from Toronto's Veteran DJ/Producer Gene King. While the “Kaiso Mix” is into a broken house affair, the “Tribal Mix” is a deep tribal journey with subtle techy elements, solid beats and spaced out synth lines, perfect for those treasured late night occasions.

sample1 /sample2 > Kaiso Mix / Tribal Mix

“Thats Enough For Me”, a beautiful song with a catchy but passionate vocal performance by Sacha Williamson and a gorgeous synth solo, is the forthcoming release on Shines Records. The full package will include, besides instrumental and dub versions, remixes by DJ Jalal and Freddy Sanon of Shelter Records.

sample3 > "Thats Enough For Me"


  • At 9:21 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    it's all madness!!!!!!
    when is that's enough for me going to released??

  • At 8:59 pm, Anonymous Gene said…

    HI there...
    thats enought for me will be released at the end of this month..


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