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Friday, May 20

Anto Vitale



Country: Italy

Born in Naples, Anto is an Italian talent worthy to keep an eye on. His rhythmic abilities seem to be innate and have given birth to his fresh and growing project Shabu Music.
Jazz, classical, latin, pop, and electronic music are the what composed most of Antos childhood. His passion for the musical world led him to six years of piano, harpsichord and organ studies at the San Pietro a Majella Conservatory in Naples. Undeniably, his past and the cultivated savoir-faire that came along have resulted in a furious passion in production work. His fingers on the piano are a delicacy for any music aficionado, and can often be heard in his productions. Through his remixing, engineering, composition and production capabilities, Anto describes his style as coloured, friendly, dreamy and sweet. When asked about music, this blossoming talent replies its the only thing that makes me fly and dream beyond everything Coincidence, or not, but those same feelings occur when listening to Anto's productions.
A big turning point was the Shabu creators interest in house music. Anto's growing flame and curiosity towards house music was lit in 2003 when he started mixing. He says that the big versatility to all the music styles I used to love got him intrigued into the house genre. Anto has self teached himself how to spin records and the progress he has made ever since has been tremendously impressive. His sets are underlined with deep and soulful tonalities, loaded with bewildering facets. Blaze, Maw and Osunlade have been his biggest inspirations but his record collection goes from one musical frontier to another. Classical, latin, jazz, nu jazz, bossanova, afro, house, electronic, hip hop, broken beat and pop are what his records sound like.
As of today, Anto's future is painted with promising expectations. At his young age, his productions have been already played out by the top players of soulful music, DJs such as Louie Vega, Kevin Hedge, Osunlade, Danny Krivit, Ron Trent, Frankie Feliciano, Dennis Ferrer, Ian Friday, Mr.V, Alix Alvarez to name just a few...
Additionally, he is collaborating on new productions as solo and with other artists; some of his projects are gonna be soon revealed on Tea Party Music, Asante and Camio Recordings. But as for now, Anto's efforts into Shabu Music are likely to enchant an increasing number of people.
Written by Marianna F
Now available:
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