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Friday, May 20

Carlos Vargas




Country: Portugal

Carlos Vargas has been involved in the House music scene since April 2000, when he began his DJ career at a small party for friends. The success of the event led him to further explore his passion for the music and his early career was aided by his several musical influences like Stevie Wonder, Al Jarreau, Chacka Khan, George Benson, Lee Ritenour and many more, who definatly helped him to create his own style, that travels from Soul to Disco, crossing the roots of Funky and Jazz. His popular style of music includes a broad blend of styles, using different songs to create music that flows seamlessly through the night. In 2003, alongside with his long date friend and guitarist Jay Soul, Carlos Vargas decides to create the Deep n’Soul Project, a concept that would allow Dj’s to perform live with musicians. Currently they travel all around the country, promoting the live interaction between dj’s and musicians.

While Vargas has been heard at numerous venues and events, he can be found every saturday night as the resident DJ at Dinn’s Lounge Bar, a local bar at his hometown, Figueira da Foz. In addition to his work in Portugal, Carlos Vargas is also featured in Soul Connection Fm, the popular English based Web Radio and at the Canadian Style Network, hosting weekly live shows on both. In addition to his DJ career, DJ Carlos Vargas is also producing and he is currently working with Jay Soul on the 1st release of the Deep n’Soul project.