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Thursday, July 14

Guest Review (Jon Freer)

Rhythmic Deep Presents Interpretations: Dream On (Rhythmic Deep)
London based, but Detroit gazing in terms of output, here June Lopez's starry-eyed "Dream On" gets re-rubbed by John Beltran and the Napi Hedz, a trio consisting of Reggie Dokes, Piranhahead and Craig Huckaby. Beltran's revision is a stirring teched-up outing, with manic synths, rattling chords and nervous drums. The 'Jazz Journey' from the Napi Hez is an equally inspiring vision, where somber drums and motherly keys make a bed for abstract vocal touches and downcast strings to lie in.
Aaron Jerome – Man Troubles (Wah Wah 45s)
Not a musical narrative concerning a certain type of dysfunction, "Man Troubles" is a respectful tribute to the music of Mark 'Troubleman' Pritchard, a global communicating broken beat master and former Jedi Knight, until his musical partner lost it and left the planet for another universe. "Man Troubles" combines computerised synths, focused keys and tight drums in a way that shows admiration for Pritchard's music, but thankfully isn't just a carbon copy of a Troubleman record. "Jelabi" watches synths come out of the darkness, where they're joined by creepy keys, meek guitars and a messy bass.
Reviewed by Jon Freer


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