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Wednesday, August 17




Soul Creation feat Misu

Sueno En Ti

Deepa Grooves

Mais um bom tema de Soul Creation! “Sueno en Ti” conta com a quente voz de Misu, teclas de belo efeito, synth e um luxuriante trompete. No “peak time dub” o trompete está em maior destaque, acentuando o perfume jazzy. Sim, o verão (ainda) está aí em força!


Another good production from Soul Creation! “Sueno en ti” features hot vocals by Misu, nice keys, horns, synth and a luxuriant trumpet, giving a jazzy vibe to the track. The “Peak Time Dub” has more space to let the trumpet do the work. Yes, summer is still out there!

Sample 1 (original mix)...... Sample 2 (instrumental mix)

Sample 3 (Peak Time dub)