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Wednesday, August 10

Guest Review (DJ Johnny Key)




Soulfuric Deep

Very Nice EP with a Latin “laid back” lounge flavor. The original mix is the best in my opinion, but the “latin flava” mix is just as good. Good as a room warmer for any occasion!

Sample 1 (original mix) ....... Sample 2 (Latin Flava mix)


Karizma feat. DJ Spen

4 The Love (The Collective Minds Theme) (Un-Released Mixes)

Code Red

The Karizma Remix Instrumental is a definite wall banger! However, the rest of the mixes on the EP failed to suit my taste. It’s a must have though for those really banging sets where the crowd must dance at all costs!

Sample 1 (Karizma Remix Instrumental) ....... Sample 2 (Karizma Remix)

Sample 3 (DJ Oji Remix) ................................Sample 4 (DJ Oji Remix 2)

reviewed by DJ Johnny Key