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Wednesday, August 31

The Jewels of DJ KWE


The Jewels


....DJ KWE

Sadly this music site "Yellorange" has closed...after receiving more than 5 years of my listening pleasures and treasures I realize that good times are few and far between...maybe it's because of faster times or the karmic crimes that keep such great house music and great house people from really lasting in the scene...although they lasted this long and that is an amazing accomplishment... I've only had a taste of what the world offers and I just know that there are beautiful people there who work towards a harmonic peace and a musical release...we should join forces and see if we can save the energy the scene once had...oh wait...we are on the same team already…lol

This site was the "inside" of New York and soul...the site housed such mixes by Tony Humphries, Todd Terry and Carolyn fav's to be honest...Tony Humphries was pivotal in my promoting days before I started djing...his "basement" love type parties had the ladies swingin' and the men beggin' for soul and looove... Be sure to grab what you can...this label I'm sure is rare and needs to be loved by the connoisseur, by the real househeads that lead with their heart...this label gives up classics like "Rescue Me", "Ups and Downs", “Believe in Yourself” and "Can't give up"...just going by the titles alone you know we are going to miss out on all the good vibes they sent out... Respect and love to this site and label for keepin it real and true! Just thought I'd give tribute to the NY house scene and I hope they are doing as well as we are in Upper Turtle fact, I'm sure the Wax Warriors will be there soon...I'm working on it...

House comes from the heart... DJ KWE