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Thursday, October 6

Deeply Rooted House



Inner Soul

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Deeply Rooted House (008)

After the deepness of Tokyo Black Star (DRH 007) guess what we have now on DJ Deep’s label Deeply Rooted House… more deepness! With a strong bassline and nice keys together with male spoken words, this track has an incredible deep feeling.

sample 1 / sample 2

Depois do tema “Rainbow” de Tokyo Black Star (DRH 007), a label Deeply Rooted House de DJ Deep oferece-nos mais um disco deep. Com uma linha de baixo possante e teclas de belo efeito acompanhadas por spoken words, este tema consegue passar bem a mensagem que carrega.


  • At 10:43 pm, Anonymous Pétunia said…

    Amazing french track ;) so dope...
    Congratulations about this great blog!! see u soon. peace

  • At 6:08 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Great track and VERY BEAUTIFUL blog !

    YoannYOZ (member on UniversDJ)

    VIVA Portugalllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll !!!!!

  • At 6:14 pm, Blogger cakesfactory said…

    Thank you very much, Pétunia and YoannYOZ!


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