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Monday, October 31

Guest Review (DJ Johnny Key)




Exotic Soul

Curtis Kennard Kincaid

Kaid is back and better than ever in this album sequel which is sure to please! He takes the listener on a journey of romance and passion, and if you like guitar, this is a must have CD! From beginning to end, all 10 songs tell a story and If you make the mistake of skipping through the CD, you will lose the whole concept, as the listener is treated to a pot of delights. I honestly can’t tell you which song is my favorite, because every song is a jewel!
I was able to talk with Kaid briefly about his plans in the future, and simply put, Kaid says, it is “All about the band”. Performing is what he loves and what sets him apart. He is very humble and stresses that without other people surrounding him he would not have been able to grow as an artist. While shut out from the large chain stores that sell music, Kaid is not discouraged. His listening base continues to be those people who are tired of everyday radio music and want to hear something from the heart. I listened to Kaid live in concert and it is a thing of beauty! I have rarely seen an artist provoke a crowd to applause and even tears as he does. He leaves the stage and mingles with the audience, a true artist and performer that is making waves throughout the world!

Reviewed by
Dj Johnny Key


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