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Monday, February 20

Respect - Phil Asher


Phil Asher

One of the unsung heroes of British House, but by no means an underachiever, Phil Asher has been on the international DJing circuit for more than a decade. A well respected producer as well as DJ, Phil has completed well in excess of 80 of his own productions, as well as innumerable remixes.

He played all over the world - UK, USA, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Portugal, France, Brazil, Japan, New Zealand and Australia will all bare testament to Phil's prowess behind the turntables. When asked, Phil is always reluctant to say what it is he actually plays: “I play music from every category as long as it's good. Quality timeless music with big productions...”
Surrounded by music and records from an early age; his Dad worked in a record chain-store, bringing home all the latest releases to a young and eager Phil, who, unbeknownst to his Father, would take them to school and sell them to his friends. Says Phil "...when anything came out, my Dad would bring it back to me: I had the first Specials record, the first Electric Light Orchestra record... He'd also bring me little boxes of returns and stuff. We'd sell them at school fairs. All the other kids would be doing Bob the Apple, and we'd be getting these twenty seven year old punks coming up from the Kings Road for Clash box sets at twenty quid a go. We knew what was going on...”.
This entrepreneurial spirit saw Phil going on to work in Quaff Records and Vinyl Solution, two of London's finest record stores, instrumental in pushing quality House and Garage to London.
Along with Luke McCarthy, Phil is the founding member of the Restless Soul production team, which also incorporates producers Modaji, Taxi Driver, Roy The Roach, Aaron Ross and Felix Hopkins (also his engineer). He also produces under various aliases, which include Basic Soul and Electric Soul with ex-partner Luke McCarthy, Woolph, Phoojun alongside Nathan Haines, and 12-bit Rephugees with Mark de Clive-Lowe.
Listen here some of his latest work (house):
sample Roy Ayers - Brand New Feeling (Phil Asher main mix)
sample Bah Samba - Let The Drums Speak (Phil Asher's Restless Soul mix)
sample Notenshun - Amarante (Phil Asher's Restless Soul remix)
sample Light 4 Lines pres. Ynez - Azul (Phil Asher's Restless Soul mix)
sample Geoffery Williams - Somewhere On A Beach (Phil Asher's Restless Soul mix)
sample Bah Samba - Portuguese Love (Phil Asher's Restless Soul mix)


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