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Wednesday, April 25

DeeperSoul Friends in the Mix



...Fabrizio Diglio

....Soul Side VIII

Play (Real) Play (WMP)

01 Anna Cavazos - Sabor (Powdersoul Edit)
02 Victor Davies - Hear the sound (Louie Vega vocal mix)
03 Malena Perez - Confesion (Alix Alvarez Extented Mix)
04 Studio Apartment feat. Monique Bingham - Found Him
05 R.A.S. Ft. Ursula Rucker - The Light (Dub Beats)
06 Sara Devine - Special (Soothing Sara Mix)
07 Robert Strauss - Close Your Eyes
08 Darien - Think It Over (Reel Soul Mix)
09 Terisa Griffin - Wonderful (Terry Hunter Remix)
10 Stevie Wonder - Cherie Amor (Master Kev & Scott Wozniak Mix)
11 Soul I.D. - Believe In Yourself (Reel Soul Mix).


  • At 12:29 am, Anonymous Mike said…

    Incredible mixed session, all tracks are very good! Any chance of a downloadable file?

  • At 2:00 pm, Anonymous Gianvito S. said…

    Il mix è come al solito na freskezza come ho imparato ke si dice a Napoli :P ma ki ha fatto quell'edit con le note di kiss kiss kiss è un malato!
    Peace brò

  • At 2:08 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Hello Mike,first of all thanx for your beatiful comment.unfortunately the mix is not available in mp3 format for several reasons.Sorry but I have had serious problems with the producers and i really respect their work.
    Ciao Gianvito è sempre un piacere ricevere commenti da te riguardo i miei mixes,spero di poter scendere a brindisi quest'anno,così ci facciamo una bella chiacchierata!
    Ciao fratmo!!


  • At 4:15 am, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    what kind of problems?

  • At 7:31 pm, Anonymous Mike said…

    Is that me or there's a track between "Terisa Griffin - Wonderful (Terry Hunter Remix)" and "Soul I.D. - Believe In Yourself (Reel Soul Mix)"? And what a track!!! ID please!!!

  • At 12:49 pm, Blogger Souldeep Sikh said…

    Great Mix, loved all the tracks especially the reel soul ones, the track after wonderful and before soul i.d is stevie wonder - Cherie Amor (Master Kev & Scott Wozniak Mix) its great!

  • At 9:23 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Sorry guys!!I have misse d atitle in the playlist;)
    @Souldeep : Thanx for your comment!


  • At 10:08 pm, Blogger cakesfactory said…

    Edit (playlist)

  • At 4:50 am, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Great mix in a shit format, no man, please, i'm sad about :(


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