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Sunday, May 27

New label, new records!



Jihad Muhammad/Joe Flame

2007 Spring Sampler


Asante is a very promising new label runned by South African native but currently London-based Ernest Roots. “Asante Records is home to deep, soulful, jazz, experimental and spiritually enlightened house music”, in the owner’s words.
The first release is the “2007 Spring Sampler”. Part I, already available in the best stores, features the talents of Jihad Muhammad (“The Rush”) and Joe Flame (“Friends”). Part II will feature “Imperfect” by Joi Cardwell (remixed by Marlon D) and “Jami” by Sis N Jones. Future releases will include artists like Anto Vitale, Ian Friday and Sterling Ensemble, among others.

sample1 > Jihad Muhammad - "The Rush" (main mix)

sample2 > Joe Flame - "Friends" (Roots Raw dub)


  • At 12:45 am, Anonymous Panos B said…

    Another amazing set Bro !!! I cant stop listening to it. People on Motion Fm request it everyday...

  • At 12:47 am, Anonymous Panos B said…

    oopsss wrong place ...


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