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Saturday, September 1

DeeperSoul Session 67



Dj: Soulful João

Affiliation: Soul & Sax Productions

Country: Portugal

Listen /Download

Luisito Quintero - Tumbao (Louie Vega EOL Remix)
Luisito Quintero feat. Francis Mbappe - Gbadada, Gbadada, Gbododo, Gbododo (LVRemix)
Louie Vega vs. Cerrone - Love Dance Ritual Medley
Luisito Quintero feat. Claudia Acuna - Free My Soul (Louie Vega Production)
Maroon 5 - Secrets (Quentin Harris Remix)
Brandy - Talk About Our Love (Original Drum MutNetJed Throne Vox)
Bahsonik feat Anna Cavazos - Free At Last (Syam Instrumental)
Jazztronik - Dentro mi Alma (Yoruba Soul Remix)
Robin Thicke - Would That Make You Love (David Harness Remix)
Osunlade, Jojo Flores, Che - Hora
Omar Sosa - 3 Notas Amarillo (Casamena Remix)


  • At 3:05 am, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Wow, amazing session, i gotta say its one of the best deepersoul sessions i ever heard so far, amazing selection and great mixes!!
    Keep it Soulful.. Joao!

  • At 11:20 pm, Anonymous Joe S. said…

    Yeah, very good session, looooove it. I'm a big fan of Louie Vega too ;)

  • At 11:46 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    muito bacana!

  • At 2:11 am, Anonymous João said…

    Thanks Guys!


  • At 5:30 am, Blogger PS said…

    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  • At 8:28 pm, Anonymous Angel said…

    OMG, beautiful mix! Good work Joao.

  • At 10:04 pm, Anonymous Soulful João said…

    Thanks a Lot Angel!

  • At 6:58 pm, Anonymous Soully said…

    Tumbao is the truth.

  • At 7:49 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    really nice

  • At 9:53 pm, Anonymous Soulful João said…

    Thanks a lot

  • At 1:12 am, Anonymous geordie007 said…

    Wicked stuff yet again Joao!!

  • At 3:05 pm, Blogger Ligia said…

    Hi bro
    What can i say about your set??? Its amazing like you...You are the best for me!!! The best deepersoul!!! I told you a few months ago that one day you will be a BIG DJ!!! Believe me!!! Your mix makes my skin creep.. I hope all the best for you because you deserve this!!!! Big kiss

  • At 10:38 am, Anonymous Soulful João said…

    Hey Geordie thanks a lot, and Ligia, thanks a lot too my dear! :)


  • At 7:44 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Very Very nice mix!


  • At 1:44 pm, Anonymous Soulful João said…

    Thank you Bounce FM, its an honour hear that from you guys! thank you very much!


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