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Friday, July 25







“Over his eight-year career, Suges has become well-known for staying largely focused on delivering deep vocal house productions. During this time however the mythical Suges Vault has been amassing a sizable collection of unreleased material, from sketches to fully-produced material that never made it to vinyl. Here then, for the first time, Suges collects his favourite unreleased material for his first ever instrumental release, Sugestramentals. The term ''instrumental'' is used loosely: with virtually an entire discography of vocal productions, Suges considers anything without a verse, prechorus, chorus, and bridge to be an instrumental.” Quality.

sample1 > Someone Else (featuring Martino & Limore)

sample2 > Memories (Martino Re-Edit)

sample3 > The Plains

sample4 > The Light (Gene King Shines Mix)


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