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Tuesday, September 9

Jazzed Out




All Jazzed Out EP


Awesome 4 track EP from Camio, including tracks by Jihad Muhammad, Collective Spirits (Jonny Montana, Neil Maclean, Dana Byrd and Tantra-zawadi), Benedict and NJ Project (Groove Assassin and Jonny Montana). The jazz flavour conducts all tracks: flute and sax (“Movement Soul”), massive organ solo (“Organ Ride”), jazzy synth ride (“Hit Shorts”) and multiple live instrumentation (“Havana”). Lovely.

sample1 > Jihad Muhammad - Movement Soul

sample2 > Collective Spirits - Organ Ride

sample3 > Benedict - Hit Shorts

sample4 > NJ Project - Havana


  • At 6:40 pm, Anonymous ChrisIDH said…

    Omg , the whole ep is awesome !!!
    but mostly i love tha "havana" track it's so spiritual , so smooth !!
    Great work !!!

  • At 5:33 pm, Blogger Dj Feel X said…

    when i see camio records on the label i know this thing will get fantastic. This Ep is incredible.... thank you Jihad, Collective Spirits, Benedict and the NJ Project. Greeeeeeaaaaaat!

  • At 5:56 pm, Blogger jonnymontana1 said…

    Hey Guys, thanks for the feedback on the EP!

    Jonny (Camio/Collective Spirits/NJ Project)


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