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Monday, January 19




The Realm feat. Tony Momrelle



With a smooth percussive groove, gentle synths and a warm vocal performance by Tony Momrelle, “Time” by The Realm, can be the perfect antidote for this cold winter. Lovely.

sample1 > The Realm Vocal Mix

sample2 > The Realm Instrumental Mix


  • At 9:13 am, Blogger simon said…

    The chorus melody is identical to another song... but I can't recall who it's by... Think the lyrics are something along the lines of:
    ..................... Leave you cold,
    All that shines isn't made of gold.

    At first I was thinking Reelsoul, but have a feeling it's Japanese... Kyoto/Okino, Studio Apartment kinda sound.
    The song finishes by breaking down to this hook looped a'capella.

    Identical intervals in the melody, and practically identical rhythm.

    Can anyone tell me what this is before I go out of my mind?

  • At 10:33 am, Blogger Artem said…

    Yeah, nice release!

    For me, it reminds dunnEASY feat. Monique Bingham - "Won't Stop" (Club Mix). :)


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