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Tuesday, March 17

Broken Wings



Anto Vitale feat. Tamara Wellons

Broken Wings

Tea Party Music

Wow! After the highly acclaimed “Theorema Del Faya”, our little big boy Anto Vitale returns to Tea Party Music with another gorgeous song, the long-awaited “Broken Wings”, featuring passionate vocals by Tamara Wellons. The original mix is a sweet broken house affair with jazzy, summery keys and intense strings over the outstanding vocals. Beautiful! Tea Party label head Ian Friday reforms the song to a huge soulful house hit with wicked beats, muscular bassline and delicious keys. John Beltran comes with a Latin vision with emphasis on the percussive groove. As someone said before about “Theorema Del Faya”, “this is the way music is supposed to be, smooth, sexy and soulful.” Sure!

sample1/sample2 > Original Mix / Original Instrumental

sample3/sample4> Tea Party Vocal / Tea Party Instrumental

sample5 > John Beltran's Latin Vocal Dub


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