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Saturday, May 2

I Want to Thank You



SuSu Bobien

I Want To Thank You

Jellybean Soul

Mena Keys and dj Manny Donoso have teamed up with powerhouse diva SuSu Bobien to create an incredible re-work of an all-time favorite, “I Want to Thank You”. Jellybean has also included two of his own mixes on the package. Jazzy keys and soothing synths are part of the instrumental goodness.

sample1/sample2 > Jellybean Benitez Feel The Spirit Club Mix/Dub Mix

sample3/sample4 > Manny Donoso & Mena Keys Club Mix /Dubmental Mix


  • At 11:35 pm, Blogger Dj Feel X said…

    One of my favourite at the moment and surely for a while ;0)


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