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Saturday, June 19

DeeperSoul Session 144

Deep!DJ: CakesFactory 

Affiliation: DeeperSoul Blog                        

Country: Portugal
Listen / Download
1. SB - Jazzelle (Anto Vitale Remix)
2. Dolls Combers - Touch of Saddness
3. GU & Loftsoul - Sakura
4. Dolls Combers - Last Tango in Paris
5. Jonny Montana feat. Stephanie Cooke - Our Love (Montana Keys Dub)
6. Steal Vybe - Passion in Me (Ezel Remix)
7. Phil Asher & Kai Alcé feat. Kayenne - Someone
8. El Prevost feat. Jannae - Choose You (DJ Rork Inst. Reedit)
9. Antonio Ocasio & Louie 'Balo' Guzman - The Name Game (Antonio's Calor Dub)


  • At 12:12 pm, Anonymous Juraj said…

    Brilliant mix, we have the exact taste in music :) Thanks for sharing Rogerio.

  • At 9:09 am, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Soulbasics - Jazelle (anto vitale remix) killer! great mix as always sir.


  • At 1:07 pm, Anonymous Kelly said…

    Wonderful mix as usual...

  • At 1:38 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Great crescendo. You have the skills!

  • At 9:24 am, Blogger Tekzo said…

    You are a tru reflection of good quality house music... I bow to that!

  • At 10:48 am, Anonymous Dj Linda said…

    Soulful, tasteful, wonderful..... Thank you mate.. lifted my day with this offering.. Soulbasics is too nice..

  • At 1:06 pm, Anonymous Joe S. said…

    Quality mix...

  • At 7:46 pm, Anonymous WHO CARES said…

    From track 1 to 5 - delicious jazzy HOUSE music.
    From 5 to 8 or 9 - funky basslines!!!!

  • At 2:43 pm, Blogger cakesfactory said…

    Thank you all for the kind words!



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