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Wednesday, January 12

Neapolis Jazz

Deep!DaSouL & Fabry Diglio

Neapolis Jazz EP

Son Liva
What a fabulous release we have here! DaSouL & Fabry Diglio present “Neapolis Jazz EP” featuring two tracks with diverse mixes, all of them with a strong Jazz influence, as the title suggests. The live instrumentation includes flute, guitar and sax. First in the list is “Sea of Love”, available in six mixes: “Flute Mix”, a stunning Broken House affair with lush jazzy keys and an extended flute ride, “Sax Dub”, a smooth House version with a special sax ride, “Dasoul, Fabry Diglio & Mad Boss Sax Remix”, a Jazzy House masterpiece with vintage keys and sax, “Aaron Ross Remix”, a dancefloor approach with firm beats and rolling bassline, and “Jose Carretas Remix”, a classy reinterpretation with additional piano and strings. Then we have “Sun City”, available in two mixes: “Dasoul, Fabry Diglio & Mad Boss Mix”, a luxurious fusion of influences with superb key work and guitar solo, and “Limestone Mix”, a notable mix by Matthew Bandy with bubbling bassline and dope synths. Quality!


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