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Tuesday, June 19

Modern Jazz

Deep!Vick Lavender & The V.L.E

The Modern Jazz EP          
Here we have another phenomenal EP from Vick lavender and his ensemble, this time with four tracks where the words fusion and musicianship are the key. The package starts with a lovely downtempo mix by DeJay Cease for the Sophisticado classic “The Standard” (keys by Mike Logan, bass by Lamar Jones, guitar by Isaiah Sharkey and percussion by Bobby D). Next on the list is “Rumba Rumba”, a brand new track with warm drums and an irresistible Latin-jazz flavor courtesy of Vijay Tellis-Nayak on keys and Joe Rendon on percussion, all perfectly arranged by the Cigar Man. Then we have new mixes for two Sophisticado classics, “Ella” and “Chicago Chase”, with Vick Lavender providing new drum progressions together with memorable jazzy keys by Mike Logan. Not to be missed...


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