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Wednesday, October 23

Fusionic Ensemble

Deep!Fuminori Kagajo

Fusionic Ensemble EP    
DeepTrax Digital Rec.
After a short hiatus, Deep Trax Recordings returns with a new release, this time with Japanese dj/producer Fuminori Kagajo. As the title suggests, “Fusionic Ensemble EP” shows a great musicianship in an irresistible fusion that only the best ones can achieve. The first track is “In Fragments”, a deep and hypnotic production with mesmerizing keys and a dope sax ride. Then we have the smooth and layered “Westerlies“ and the funky “Chapter70”, both with amazing jazzy keyboard work by Takuto Kudo. “Dense Frog” closes the package with an inspired music lesson, featuring luxuriant instrumentation (trumpet, tenor sax, guitar, bass, keyboards) over a warm percussive groove. Essential.   


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