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Wednesday, December 12

GOGO Music show

Deep!DJ: Ralf GUM

Affiliation: GOGO Music

Country: Germany / South Africa
Listen / Download
1. Joseph Junior and MAQman – Everything Changes (MAQman Main Mix) 
2. Ralf GUM feat. Monique Bingham – Little W. 12th Street (Ralf GUM Main Mix) 
3. Sequential Soul – Breath Deeper (Original) 
4. Sir LSG feat. Zano – All It Takes (Sir LSG Main Mix) 
5. Inaya Day and Ralf GUM – Lose My Worries (Ralf GUM Main Mix) 
6. Ralf GUM feat. Joseph Junior & Ayanda Jiya – Back To Love (Ralf GUM Main Mix) 
7. Ralf GUM feat. Jon Pierce – Never (Louie Vega NYC Roots Remix) 
8. King Club – You Were Singing (Ralf GUM’s Interpretation) 
9. Sir LSG feat. Ayanda Jiya – Sandcastle (Honeycomb Remix) 


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