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Friday, June 30





Bolshevik presents...


This is a precious record from Bolshevik, a very singular label created by the Ibadan crew to release special remixes. What makes this record so special? Well, the answer is simple: “Emotional Rollercoaster” from Vivian Green, remix by Osunlade, “Easy Livin" form Peven Everett, re-edit by Groove Assassin, and “Set you Free” by Kem, remix by Groove Assassin (Nick Moss, one half of Camio Rec.), all in the same 12”…

sample1 > “Emotional Rollercoaster” - Vivian Green (osunlade remix)

sample2 > "Easy Livin" - Peven Everett (Groove Assassin re-edit)

sample3 > “Set you Free" - Kem (Groove Assassin remix)

Every Sweet Goodnight



John Crockett

Primal Dirges EP


Another quality EP from John Crockett on his own label! Man on fire?

sample1 > Every Sweet Goodnight

sample2 > Paparazzi

sample3 > Indigo Gone

sample4 > Liar King

Thursday, June 29

Finally on vinyl!



Jihad Muhammad

No Way Back

Iwanai Music

This track was already mentioned here on DeeperSoul Blog some months ago, but now I bring it up again because it’s finally available on vinyl, after a very painful delay. Featuring synth bass, gorgeous keys and a stunning organ solo, “No Way Back” (reinterpretation of the old classic from Adonis, 1986) is another bomb from Iwanai Music, courtesy of Jihad Muhammad.

sample1 > Chi Town mix

sample2 > Journey mix

Sunday, June 25

4 x 4



Kenny Carvajal feat. Lafayette

A Higher Place sample

Phuture Sole Rec.



I'm In Love (Scott Wozniak remix) sample



DJ Pepsi

Come Fetch Your Wife samples

Real Tone


Franck Roger

The Chase EP sample1/sample2

Seasons Limited