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Monday, May 30

DeeperSoul Session 189

Deep!DJ: Joe Doppio

Affiliation: Catch the Vinyl

Country: USA
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Tracklist coming soon.

Sunday, May 29

Free Download


Questions (Pablo Martinez remix)         

CDR Records
Pablo Martinez is giving this hot track for free. Enjoy it! Thank you, Pablo.


Deep!DJ Serge Negri

On Moment At A Time EP

DJ Serge Negri teams up with talented vocalist Tasha Mabry to present the magnificent “One Moment at a Time EP”, featuring 3 songs: “Resistance” (with beautiful jazzy keys and huge synth solos), “Your Door” and “One Moment at a Time” (with remixes by Greg Gauthier and Kalim Shabazz).

Thursday, May 26

HouseGarage Vol. XXIII

Deep!DJ: Fabrizio Diglio


Country: Italy

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Wednesday, May 25


Deep!Peven Everett

Love of Your Life           

Previously available only on vinyl, “Love of Your Life” by multi-talented artist Peven Everett gets now a digital release. Peven’s talent seems to be infinite so we always expect great songs from him... naturally, this one will not disappoint his fans. From the vocals to the keys and all the arrangements, everything sounds perfect here!

The Light

Deep!Kenny Bobien

The Light (Bang The Drum Mixes)         

SoulArt Music Group
“The Light" is one of the new bonus songs taken from the highly recommended compilation “Defined (The Definitive Collection 1994 – 2005)” that includes 10 classic songs from Kenny Bobien, all digitally remastered. Produced by Jihad Muhammad and Dwayne Tennant (DJ Beloved), with keyboards by Vincent Jeffreys, this song features classy strings and a gentle piano over a smooth percussive groove.

Tuesday, May 24

Now available!

Deep!Jose Carretas feat. Tamara Wellons

You Are         

Son Liva
Jose Carretas teams up with Tamara Wellons to offer a wonderful song called "You Are". With the help of Tom Ashe on keys and using his extraordinary ability on the drums, Jose provides a perfect backdrop for the beautiful vocals from Tamara, resulting in an irresistible house song. On the remix duties, Anto Vitale give us another breath of freshness with a dope bassline and his lush Shabu keys, including a superb synth solo, all perfectly combined with Tamara's amazing vocal talent. The package also includes good mixes from Ross Hillard (with keys by Atjazz) and Juan Fierro (deep Afro mix). Not to be missed...

Monday, May 23


Deep!60 Hertz Project


GOGO Music
Finally available for everyone, “Capricorn” from South African group 60 Hertz Project is an irresistible jazzy track with wonderful vibraphone and guitar solos. Very popular in SA thanks to Essential I whose remix is already an anthem, this track will now rock the entire world. The package also includes amazing remixes by Ralf GUM (deep reinterpretation with extra keys) and QB Smith (with a beautiful piano line).  Tasty!

Saturday, May 21

DeeperSoul Session 188

Deep!DJ: DivineDJ 

Affiliation: Sophisticado Afrika 

Country: South Africa
Listen / Download .

1. Marie Joly – Rhodes Out (D`Oke Mix)
2. Anthenai – Life (D`Oke Smile Mix)
3. Menu Feat. Kele B – Grow Again (Sir LSG Deep Mix)
4. Rancido Feat. Lex Empress – Brighter Days (Lemon & Herb Ambient Mix)
5. Mangesto Feat. Ashya Roberts - Love Like This (Temple Movement Main Mix)
6. DJ Hypnosis Feat. Nickson – I Believe I Can (Glenn Fiasco Deep Mix)
7. Deep Xscape – Stories
8. Groove Assassin and Pete Simps – Gotta Make it Right (Johnny Montana Mix)
9. Heather Walker – I Gave You My Heart (DJ Sound Science Deep Mix)
10. Sade – Kiss of Life (Ministry of Funk Mix)
11. Unknown
12. System Funk Feat. Aqeel – Just A Thing (Atjazz Love Soul Mix)

Thursday, May 19



Aggressive Meditation         

Circular Motion
Here we have another masterpiece from Miquifaye camp! Captain Anthony Nicholson invites all music lovers to get into his spaceship for another celestial journey. The cabin crew includes Colo Degenova (with a notable keyboard work) and Michelle Nicholson (background vocals). Enjoy your flight!

Wednesday, May 18


Deep!DJ Kent feat. Malehloka Hlalele


DiverseCity Music
Already burning up the clubs all over the world, "Falling" by SA pioneer DJ Kent gets a digitally remastered release, including a previously unreleased remix from Black Coffee. This catchy song that features gentle keys and incredible vocals over a smooth percussive groove will be one of the summer hits for sure. Massive.


Deep!Haldo feat. Melanie Gerren

The Sky         

Adaptation Music
Originally produced by Haldo featuring vocals by Melanie Gerren, “The Sky” is a good song for the season thanks to its tight beats and spaced synths (Steal Vybe style). Remixes come from Louie Gorbea & Chris Perez, Trancemicsoul, Black Sonix, Pablo Fierro and Trufo.

Tuesday, May 17

DeeperSoul Session 187

Deep!DJ: Ralf GUM

Affiliation: GOGO Music

Country: Germany
Listen / Download
1. Black Motion - Banane Mako (Josh Milan Remix) - Tribe
2. Fast Vision Soul & 60 Hertz Project - Tapta Beach(BlackJean & MarvinK Jungle in Pta mix) - GOGO Music CD-R
3. DJ Shimza & Cuebur feat. Nathan X - Love We Had(Infinite Boys Mix) - Infinite Records
4. Global Niche Movement - Strong Man (David Sabat Mix)- High on Soul
5. Dovie Cote' (In Blueblackness) - East Of The Sun(Gu's Fusion Beyond Mix) - Strictly Jaz Unit Muzic
6. DJ Fudge Feat Mani Hoffman -Nightglows (3 Chords Mix)- Tejal
7. The Joint Movement Project - Find A Love (OriginalVocal) - NDATL Muzik
8. DJ Spinna & Amanda Diva - Devils (Knockin' On MyWindow / Main Vocal Mix) - Wonderwax
9. 60 Hertz Project - Capricorn (Ralf GUM Remix) - GOGOMusic
10. Atheus - Deploy - R2
11. Ralf GUM feat. Diamondancer - All this love forthis you (Ralf GUM's 2011 10th anniversary Remix) - GOGO Music CD-R

Monday, May 16




“Pyrography” is the self proclaimed “last house album” from Yoruba head Osunlade. We can only say we hope he is wrong. This is serious House Music, call it soulful, techy, jazzy, Afro, Latin or any other shit. Music...

Saturday, May 14

DeeperSoul Session 186

Deep!DJ: Anthony K.

Affiliation: The Rhythm Inside/Tribal Winds

Country: Greece
Listen / Download
01. Mzee feat. Oluhle - Zvinosiriririsa (Pops Mohamed Dub)
02. Paul Deep feat. Sheyi - Alafia (Cuebur Vocal Spirit Mix)
03. Black Coffe feat. Hugh Masekela - We are one (Culoe de Song remix)
04. Djeff * Silyvi feat. Virgul - Noba
05. Boddhi Satva pres. Mangala Camara - Wilile (Antonelo Coghe & Rancido tribute mix)
06. Digitaline - Africa
07. G'Sparks feat. Wasso - Kimba Bwanna (G'Sparks main mix)
08. Thomas Osaze - The new Birth (original)
09. Mzee feat. Oluhle - Zvinosiriririsa (original)
10. Ame & Amampondo - Ku Kanjani (version 1)

Wednesday, May 11

Joint Movement

Deep!The Joint Movement Project

Find A Love         

Released last year on vinyl, “Find A Love” finally receives a full digital release, including a tribute remix to Gemini. Kai Alcé and Jovonn are responsible for this oldschool flavored song with jazzy keys and soulful vocals. Tasty!

Never Letting Go

Deep!Rob Hayes feat. Nicole Mitchell

Never Letting Go (Carlos Vargas/Seb Skalski remixes)         

Daddy Funk
Daddy Funk presents another soulful candy, “Never Letting Go”, produced by Rob Hayes with vocals by one of the hottest singers on the scene right now: Nicole Mitchell. We will give a special mention to Seb Skalski for his dense, lush remix with live instrumentation and Portugal’s finest producer Carlos Vargas for his warm reinterpretation with a superb piano line. With forthcoming remixes for songs by artists like Kenny Bobien, Dolls Combers or Sofia Rubina and original material featuring Nicole Mitchell, Al Olive and Natasha Watts, we have no need of a crystal ball to predict a bright future for Carlos Vargas.

Monday, May 9

DeeperSoul Session 185

Deep!DJ: Malone 

Affiliation: Double Soul 

Country: Portugal
Listen / Download .

01 - Athenai - Life (Keypella Mix) - Offering
02 - Nastee Nev Feat. Kafele Bandele - Reach Part 1 (Kafele Mix) - Do It Now Recordings
03 - Rancido Feat. Lex Empress - Brighter Days (Deep Journey Main Mix) - Offering
04 - Mangesto Feat Ashya Roberts - Love Like This (Polyrhythm Deep Voyage Mix) - Seed
05 - Black Coffee Feat. Thiwe - Crazy (Manoo & Francois A. Main Mix) - Foliage Records
06 - Koyla Feat. Zaki Ibrahim - Wake With The Day (Boddhi Satva Afriki Soul Mix) - Bombay
07 - C.9ine Feat. Kholi - Chasing Part 1 (Atjazz Remix) - Atjazz Record Company
08 - Paul Deep Feat. Sheyi - Alafia (Cuebur Vocal Spirit Mix) - Nulu
09 - DJ Micks Feat. Robin Latimore - First To Say Goodbye (DJ Micks 2010 People's Favourite Style Remix) - Tribe Records

Coming soon...

Deep!Black Motion

Banane Mavoko (remixes)   

Tribe Records 
Deep! Teddy Pendergrass

Can't We Try (Timmy Regisford remixes) 

Shelter Records

Wednesday, May 4

Strictly Jaz Unit

Deep!Samantha Faison

Feel The Music      

Strictly Jaz Unit Muzic
Happy days... two new releases from Strictly Jaz Unit Muzic!
Obviously, the man with golden hands, the live legend Glenn Underground, is behind these two songs. “Feel the Music” (that also counts with a tremendous mix from Abicah Soul) and “East Of The Sun” (Gu's Fusion Beyond Mix) are both product of a galactic producer/musician who always bless us with unique music arrangements. Hot!     
Deep!Dovie Cote' (In Blueblackness)

East Of The Sun      

Strictly Jaz Unit Muzic

DeeperSoul Session 184

Deep!DJ: Chris Thomas

Affiliation: Qalomota Records

Country: France
Listen / Download
01. Starpoint-I want you, You want me
02. Red Follies Feat M.J White-Sweet Love
03. Mario Basanov-Up (Nicholas Remix)
04. The Adventures of Daniel Lite–I Want Your Love
05. Bootleg-The spirit
06. Nitro Deluxe-Let's Get Brutal
07. MSG Featuring Glenn "Sweety G" Toby–I Can Tell
08. Black Coffee-Arise and Shine
09. DJ Le Roi feat. Chapell-Get Ready
10. Bubzin Feat Musa-Wont let u go
11. Black Motion ft Zulu-Bhana Shilolo
12. Nyekx & Maspila-Gazankulu (Strong Roots Original Mix)
13. Wyen Solo – Smile
14. Dj Man X Feat Sara Devine All I Need Is You
15. Raw Silk – Do It to the Music (Roots vocal mix)
16. Culture N Soul-When Were Making Love

Tuesday, May 3


Deep!DJ Spinna & Amanda Diva


DJ Spinna teams up with New York based Singer/MC Amanda Diva to deliver “Devils”, a catchy song with his typical beats, wild bassline and keys by Alex Marcelo. Karizma offers a really dope remix, probably his best work so far this year.


Deep!Mikki Afflick feat. Mona Bode

I Am Africa         

Soul Sun Soul Music
One for the spiritual Afro heads! Produced by dj/producer Mikki Afflick (label owner), “I am Africa” features spoken words by Mona Bode and delicious keys, including a tasty organ ride, over a bright percussive groove. Remixes are courtesy of two SA rising producers, Dr. Thiza and Khanya Balani, both with deep tribal mixes.

If We All Can

Deep!Distant People feat. Chappell

If We All Can (Reelsoul mixes)         

Previously included on GKF’s “WMC20eleven Sampler”, “If We All Can” by Distant People feat. Chappell gets a smooth remix by Will "Reelsoul" Rodriguez with his traditional ingredients: bubble bass, jazzy keys and charming synths and beats. The package also includes mixes from Beaten Soul, Spiritual Blessings and Steve Paradise.

Sunday, May 1

DeeperSoul Session 183

Deep!DJ: CakesFactory

Affiliation: That Pink Blog

Country: Portugal
Listen / Download
1. Jihad Muhammad – The Dawn (Anto Vitale remix)
2. Glenn Underground – Nothing But A Groove
3. Arnold Jarvis – Take Good Care of Me (Franck Roger leadstrumental
4. Rude Disco & Eliki – Sweet Kisses (Bossruu mix)
5. Koyla Feat. Zaki Ibrahim – Wake With The Day (J & J Soultempo Mix)
6. Miranda Nicole – Kissing You (Libation mix)
7. Kem – Can You Feel It (Lefunken's Club Elevation mix)
8. Windimoto feat. Victor St. Clair – Don't Let Me Leave Alone (Tea Party mix)
9. DJ Kawasaki – Galaxy