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Monday, January 31

The Diloggun Are Talking

Deep!DJ: Nef Nunez

Affiliation: Seed Recordings NY/Seed in the City

Country: USA
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1. Ancestors (Main Mix) - Undertones Presents: Delano Smith
2. Solid Ground ( Fred Everything's Lazy Dub) - Atnarko feat. Nica Brooke
3. The Plan (Andreas Saag's Positivity Perspective) - Andy Compton
4. Minimal Sacrifices - Stephen Rigmaiden
5. Lonely One (Original Mix) - Motor City Drum Ensemble
6. In The Club (Jesus Gonsev Remix) - Geoff M, Terrence T & Eman
7. No Way Out - Nikola Gala
8. If I Was Your Girl – GLIMPSE
9. Buxton Pipes (K Civ Edit) – Stimming/Untitled – Loco Dice
10. Rose Rouge (Rose 2 Red 2009 Mix) - St. Germain
11. Backflip Shuffle (Original Mix) - Chris Lattner

Tuesday, January 25


Deep!Ricardo Miranda pres. Latin Soul Brothas

Peace & Strength

After 5 long years, “Peace & Strength” finally gets a proper vinyl release (extended/remastered version)! Produced by Ricardo Miranda with the help of two of his Latin Soul Brothas, multi-instrumentalist and top producer Glenn Underground (keys) and Chicago Afro-Latin Jazz Ensemble bandleader Victor Garcia (trumpet), this song is an irresistible amalgamation of Jazz, Latin, Afro and House Music, a song to immediately fall in love with due to its rare and timeless beauty. To round off the project there are two more dope cuts – “Future Foundation” (also with keys by GU) and “Soul Late”. Absolutely essential.



On My Way

What a sweet Afro song we have here! “On My Way” features adorable vocals by Priss and a truly warm production by two house music heavy heights: Boddhi Satva and Atjazz. Irresistible.

Montana & Stewart Guest Mix

Deep!DJ: Craig Stewart 

Affiliation: Universe Media 

Country: UK
Listen / Download .

1. Brever & Bakchos With Max C - I Miss You - M & M Fusion Lounge Remix (Ceremony)
2. Reel People Feat Darien - Sure - Frankie Feliciano Classic Vocal Mix (ReelPeopleMusic)
3. Reelsoul - Spend My Life - Reelsoul Original Mix (Sole Channel)
4. Montana & Stewart Feat Sofia Rubina - I Need U Back – Original (Universe Media)
5. Asymmetric SoulFeat Ella - Now Is Our Time - Original Mix (Adaptation)
6. Steven Stone Feat Andrea Love - Original (Soul Deluxe)
7. Nature Love - You Turn Me Around - Jonny Montana & Craig Stewart rmx (Smooth Agent)
8. DJ Spen Pres Assurnace - And Be Glad In it - Vocal Mix (Spiritually Sound)
9. Clemens Rumpf & David A Tobin - Rel. The Tension - S.C.Rel.The Funk Rmx (Reelgroove)
10. Montana & Stewart Ft. Sofia Rubina - I Need U Back - D-Reflection Rmx (Universe Media)
11. SuSu Bobien - I Got My Pride - John Mateo's New York Remix (Diva Down Entertainment)
12. Michael Watford - For You Luv - Jonny Montana & Craig Stewart Remix (SOW)
13. Marshall Jefferson Ft. Curtis McClain - Move Your Body - Shane D Club Mix (Open House)

Monday, January 24

Coming soon...

Deep!Lem Springsteen / Phil Asher

Restless Soul Sampler (12")   

Restless Soul 
Deep!Peven Everett

Love Of Your Life 

Trippin Records

Sunday, January 23

DeeperSoul Session 172

Deep!DJ: Malone 

Affiliation: Double Soul 

Country: Portugal
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1. Dvine Lopez - Project 1 (Let Us Uniet (Original Mix))
2. TJ Cases Feat. Yvonne - Fragile (Tj Remix Part 1)
3. B.O.P. - Alive (B.O.P Main Mix)
4. Dennis Ferrer Feat. Bola Belo - Dem People Go! (Lips Spoiled Main Remix)
5. Morra DeRey & The Heavy Quarterz Feat. Blak Child - Ixilongo (Main Mix)
6. Pete Dafeet - In Flux (In Flux Atjazz Remix)
7. Nicolas Vautier Feat. Blick Bassy - Sala (Deep Xcape Mix)
8. N'Dinga Gaba Feat. Sahffi - Summer Breeze (Raw Artistic Soul Mix)
9. Aero Manyelo Feat. Oluhe - If Only (Herbal 3 Rec Mix)
10. Aero Manyelo Feat. Ernest - Masiku (Herbal 3 Rec. African Mix)

Friday, January 21

Jazz Fusion

Sophisticado Recordings presents 2 new releases with the quality jazzy touch we are used to listen from Vick Lavender and company.
Deep!Julie Dexter

Make You Dance (The Remixes)      

First we have stunning remixes by Vick Lavender for “Make You Dance” from world-renowned singer / songwriter Julie Dexter, featuring vintage jazzy keys and a massive bassline. A groovy remix from Steve Miggedy Maestro is also included in the package.
Deep!Vick Lavender

Chicago Samba (Black Mamba) Reloaded mix      

Then we have a sumptuous revision of “Chicago Samba (Black Mamba)” where the Cigar Man and his band The V.L.E show us how rich a house track can be. Serious music.

Thursday, January 20

DeeperSoul Session 171

Deep!DJ: Chris Thomas

Affiliation: Qalomota Records

Country: France
Listen / Download
01. Lemy Leopard - State of the world
02. Black Coffee feat. Thiwe – Crazy (Zepherin Saint Vocal Mix)
03. Muzzaik feat Zaida - Work It
04. Dmos ft Tumi - Leboko La Mme
05. Jill Scott - Like Rain (Greg Gauthier & Tony L remix)
06. The Layabouts Feat Shea Soul - Perfectly
07. Mutant Clan - Kenesai
08. Kubu ft Daddy Ngoy - La Jalousie (Instrumental Mix)
09. Tony Lebron - Thunderous Souls (Tony Lebron Thump Mix)
10. Jephté Guillaume - Ibolélé
11. Jovonn - Loosin' my mind
12. Phortune - Can you Feel the bass
13. Mr Lee - House this House
14. Aphrodisiax - Unfinished Business
15. Dennis Ferrer - Transition
16. Steven Tang - Rocket deep
17. Bou-Kahn - Magic
18. Bhabha Betasweet - Freedom (Serenity mix)

Wednesday, January 19

Selfish Skies

Deep!Warm Days feat. Swindle and Natalie Maddix

Selfish Skies (Atjazz Remix)

Warm Days
Well, everything Martin Iveson aka Atjazz touches turns to gold these days. This remix is no exception! With sweet vocals by Natalie Maddix, “Selfish Skies” by SA’s QB Smith gets a beautiful deep and soulful reinterpretation with a clever piano line and sensual synths.

Matt Cooper tribute

Deep!Yohann Levems feat. Donna Hidalgo


Daddy Funk Records
There’s something for everyone here, with producers like Dolls Combers or Seb Skalski providing a good backdrop for Donna Hidalgo’s powerful and catchy vocals, but we must give a special word to Carlos Vargas who delivers an incredible “Matt Cooper Tribute Mix” featuring delightful jazzy keys and a classy sax ride over a smooth percussive groove. With forthcoming collaborations with artists like Kenny Bobien, Nicole Mitchell, Al Olive, Dolls Combers and DJN Project, Carlos Vargas will certainly be one of the house music highlights in 2011.

Tuesday, January 18

Mixed Signals

Deep!Alton Miller

Light Years Away (Album - digital release)

Mixed Signals Music
Released last month on vinyl and cd, “Light Years Away”, the new album from Alton Miller, is now available for download. Finely crafted over two years, the album is an intense set of 14 songs full of emotion and feeling, including the house gems “Ever Wonder”, "Beautiful", “Give it Up”, “Next Time” and “Twilight Moments”, with guests like Abacus, Amp Fiddler and Lotus. Genuinely deep!

Monday, January 17

SoulShine Session

Deep!DJ: Louis Benedetti

Affiliation: SoulShine Rec. 

Country: USA
Listen / Download
1. Rochelle Fleming - Suffer The Consequences
2. Conya Doss - What I'd Do (Pablo Martinez Mix)
3. ?
4. Adam Rios & Ruben Toro - Temple Movements
5. Matthew Bandy - Stuck
6. ?
7. MAW - To Be In Love (remix)
8. Diana Ross - The Boss (remix)
9. Sister Sledge - I Want Your Love (remix)
10. Crown Heights Affair - Dreamin A Dream

Thursday, January 13

DeeperSoul Session 170

Deep!DJ: Soulful Joao 

Affiliation: Soul & Sax Prod. 

Country: Portugal
Listen / Download .

Tracklist coming soon...

Wednesday, January 12

Neapolis Jazz

Deep!DaSouL & Fabry Diglio

Neapolis Jazz EP

Son Liva
What a fabulous release we have here! DaSouL & Fabry Diglio present “Neapolis Jazz EP” featuring two tracks with diverse mixes, all of them with a strong Jazz influence, as the title suggests. The live instrumentation includes flute, guitar and sax. First in the list is “Sea of Love”, available in six mixes: “Flute Mix”, a stunning Broken House affair with lush jazzy keys and an extended flute ride, “Sax Dub”, a smooth House version with a special sax ride, “Dasoul, Fabry Diglio & Mad Boss Sax Remix”, a Jazzy House masterpiece with vintage keys and sax, “Aaron Ross Remix”, a dancefloor approach with firm beats and rolling bassline, and “Jose Carretas Remix”, a classy reinterpretation with additional piano and strings. Then we have “Sun City”, available in two mixes: “Dasoul, Fabry Diglio & Mad Boss Mix”, a luxurious fusion of influences with superb key work and guitar solo, and “Limestone Mix”, a notable mix by Matthew Bandy with bubbling bassline and dope synths. Quality!

Tuesday, January 11


Deep!Reel People feat. Darien

Sure (Frankie Feliciano remix)

Reel People Music
“Sure” is the first single taken from Reel People’s highly anticipated new album “Golden Lady”. This song features an incredible vocal performance by Darien over a summery groove with Latin guitars, heavy percussion work and a massive funky bassline. The Soulful House treatment comes from Frankie Feliciano who offers a wonderful remix with smooth beats and irresistible keys. A deep tech remix from the Layabouts is also included in the package.

Bigga Sounds

Deep!Monique Bingham

You. Me. World

Bigga Sounds
This one will be huge! New York powerhouse diva Monique Bingham presents “You. Me. World”, a fantastic song with her unique vocals, keys by Ethan White and sax by Nadir Simon. Remixes are courtesy of Ralf GUM (a very competent organic mix with live guitars and bass), Jon Cutler (solid beats, mysterious strings and jumpin’ bassline), DJ Christos (a deep Afro expedition) and Leighton Moody (fat bassline, old-school keys and additional sax). It will probably hit #1 on Traxsource.

DeeperSoul Session 169

Deep!DJ: Dolls Combers 

Affiliation: King Street,Sophisticado,... 

Country: Italy
Listen / Download .

1. Anthony Nicholson pres William Kurk – Innocent Girl – Dubstrumental pass
2. Dj Man-X and Vick Lavender feat Shawnee Taylor – Happy Endings – Vick Vocal mix
3. Tracks from others side – How many tears
4. Latin Impression volume III – Michele Chiavarini – Bailador
5. Bam - Miss my Luv - Demarkus lewis remix
6. Blaze feat Gerideau – Take a Stand For Love – Blaze Mix
7. Brooklyn’s own – Another Seven - Brooklyn’s Own Mix
8. Vick Lavander feat Al Olive – Slow Down – Dolls Combers Mix
9. Dolls Combers - Spring Corner – Vick Lavender Diaspora Soul Mix
10. Nature love – You Turn Me Around – Jonny Montana & Craig Stewart Mix

Friday, January 7

Next Temple Movement



Jovonn? Yes. Hard kicks and mad synths? Yes! Is he completely nuts? No doubt, that’s why we love him! On the remix duties, Adam Rios & Ruben Toro add their Temple Movement treatment to the song (featuring vocals by Kimberly Miller), resulting in a soulful gem with fantastic jazzy keys and organ ride. Tasty!

Thursday, January 6


Deep!Yohan Esprada feat. Loréna

L'Ebullition D'Amour

Cabana Rec.
“L'Ebullition D'Amour”, an old-school song produced by Yohan Esprada with vocals by Loréna, is the new release from Cabana Recordings. There is a big variety of mixes (something for everyone) but let’s concentrate on three of them: the most organic one, the deepest one and the most creative one. First, label head Justin Imperiale offers a charming remix with jazzy keys and live guitar over a smooth percussive groove. Then South Africa's Soletek brings his deep tribal house with a subtle hypnotic touch (lookout for his debut album coming soon on BBB Music/Universal Music SA) while Aphreme, after eating some magic mushrooms, proposes a totally intoxicated remix, rebuilding the vocals and adding multiple TB-303 layers.


Deep!Tomo Inoue feat. Stephanie Cooke

Better (Frankie Feliciano Mixes)

King Street
Here we have a sugary remix from Frankie Feliciano for “Better” by Tomo Inoue featuring Stephanie Cooke. With great piano chords, phat bassline and spacey pads impeccably combined with Stephanie's silky vocals, Frankie takes the song to another level.