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Saturday, July 30

Double Soul

Deep!DJ: Malone 

Affiliation: Double Soul 

Country: Portugal
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1 - Zulumafia - Habits (Dj Syd Nasty Edit)
2 - Just Stone And Tibi - Human (ZuluMafia Remix) - Candi Bean Records
3 - Rancido Feat. IFan - Fly Away (Leroy Styles Remix) - Spinnin Records
4 - N'Dinga Gaba feat. Sahffi - Summer Breeze (Atjazz Original Concept Mix) - Foliage Rec.
5 - Ten - Live 4 Now (Original Mix) - Foliage Records
6 - Bossruu Feat. Afrotraction - Ngawe (Deep Xcape Mix) - Do It Now Recordings
7 - Groove Concept Feat. JOHNNYDANGEROUs - Lights Out (Rocco Deep Mix) - King Street
8 - Atjazz - For Real (Atjazz Remix) - Atjazz Record Company
9 - J.F.C. – Meet Me in Paradise (Tribal Mix) - Rise
10 - Arnold Jarvis - Love Of My Life (Main Mix) - Blaze Imprints

Thursday, July 28

Jack 2 Jazz

Deep!60 Hertz Project

The Missing Puzzle EP    
Jack 2 Jazz Records
After their massive track “Capricorn”, released some weeks ago on GOGO Music, SA shining stars 60 Hertz Project present "The Missing Puzzle EP" where jazz meets house music. "Impact Soul" is a smooth track with deep cosmic chords and jungle sounds, “Nature, Sea & Music” is a summery affair with a sublime piano line and dancing beats and “Lets Take a Ride” is a lush piece of Jazz House with soaring strings and gorgeous jazz piano over a percussive groove. Finally, Black Jean and The Deputy offer an impressive remix with a breathtaking guitar ride.

Tuesday, July 26

In Full Effect

Deep!DJ: Dolls Combers 

Affiliation: Sophisticado, King Street, (...)

Country: Italy
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Tracklist coming soon.

Omi Tutu

Deep!Chinese Laundry

Opus 1    
Omi Tutu
Dope new release from Gorbea's Omi Tutu. "Chinese Laundry" features a smokin´ keyboard work with huge synth solos, melodic strings and cosmic pads. “It's all right letting yourself go, as long as you can get yourself back.”

Summer Love


Summer Love    
Sci Fi Productions
South Africa's Sci-Fi Productions presents “Summer Love” by Sobz, a deep afro-tribal song with sugary synth melodies and soulful vocals by Sonwabile Gxabana. The package includes a good variety of mixes, courtesy of BlackJean, label head Fiso Da Costa and Menu.

Monday, July 25

One Night

Deep!Aid to Soulless feat. Desla

One Night (Part 2)    
Phuture Sole
Here we have the 2nd package of mixes for “One Night” by Julius The Mad Thinker and Kai Alexander with vocals by Desla. Osulande and Abicah Soul (fire!) add their characteristic Afro Techy Soul to the song, while Vick Lavender brings the Sophisticado touch with a warm percussive groove, generous bass and jazzy keys. Phuture Sole.

Soul Free

Deep!Black Sauce

Can't Stop The World    
Soul Free Records
Black Sauce dream team (Ricky Reid - vocals and keys, Peter Oakden - drum programming, Julian Bendall - keys) is back with another dreaming song called "Can't Stop the World", featuring delightful keys (what a fantastic synth solo!) and irresistible vocals over a smooth and hypnotic groove. Julian Bendall adds a wonderful reprise for a huge eargasm...

Sunday, July 24

Sophisticado Sessions

Deep!DJ: Vick Lavender

Affiliation: Sophisticado Rec.

Country: USA
Listen / Download
1. Ezel - Wise (Main mix)
2. Joe Clausell - Spiritual Insurrection
3. 60 Hertz Project - Capricorn
4. Truby Trio - Alegre (Louie Vega mix)
5. Zepherin Saint & Nathan Adams - Love of My Life
6. Vick Lavender - 1929 (Vick Lavender Selfish mix)
7. Vick Lavender - The Standard (Vick Lavender Unreleased mix)
8. Luisito Quintero - Free My Soul (EOL mix)
9. Trans of Life - Delight Earth
10. Erykah Badu - Telephone (Louie Vega mix)
11. Omar ft Stevie Wonder - Feelin You
12. The Andrews Experience - Mystic Vibes
13. Angela Bofill - Under the Moon and Over the Sky

Now available for purchase!

Deep!Anthony Nicholson

Year of The Rebel           

Circular Motion
Featuring William Kurk, Chester Gregory, Avery R. Young, Sharon Pass, Jrod Indigo and other guests. CD and 2x12”!

Tuesday, July 19


Deep!Dolls Combers

Summerbreeze EP Vol 4    
Here we have the fourth instalment of "Summerbreeze" series by Italy’s jazzy house heroes Dolls Combers. First up is a cover of Earth, Wind & Fire's "September”, with vocals by Al Olive, a catchy house number guaranteed to set your dancefloor on fire! Then we have “Simple Life”, featuring vocals by Charmaine, an elegant piano line, jazzy keys (including a tasty organ ride) and a bubble bass. Finally, there is “Funky Lady” with trumpet by Pepe Ragonese and irresistible keys by Pino di Pietro.

Yoruba Soul

Deep!Si Tew feat. Pete Simpson

Need To Grow (Yoruba Soul Mixes)    
Atjazz Record Company
Taken from the album “When The Clouds Ran Away” by Si Tew, “Need To Grow” receives stunning remixes from multitalented artist Osunlade. Once again, the Yoruba head bless us with eclectic music textures, reflecting his vast range of production and musical influences, under the Soul guide. Wonderful!

Warm Days

Deep!Shake The Dog feat. Monique Bingham

Do It (Hot Mixes Part 1)    
Warm Days
One of the jewels from “Shake The Dog” (produced by Julian Bendall and company), the song “Do It” with vocals by Monique Bingham, gets a new life by the hands of QB Smith who offers a deeper mix with smooth keys and atmospheric pads that fit like a glove in Monique Bingham’s gifted vocals, resulting in very interesting alternative to the original version.

Wednesday, July 13


Deep!Pirahnahead & Diviniti

(Just Like) A Dream   
Whasdat Music
Pirahnahead and Diviniti present “(Just Like) a Dream”, a new addition to their prolific collaboration. Featuring smooth vocals, angelic melodies and a very skilful production, this is one of the most beautiful songs we have heard this year, a song to instantly fall in love with. Remixes are courtesy of Jose Carretas (another dancefloor banger with impressive drums and dope keys) and Charles Webster (in a deeper mood). Tasty!


Deep!The Rurals

Ocean (album sampler)  
Here we have a taste of some of the beautiful songs from the forthcoming Rurals album “Ocean”. With delicious instrumentation (Sax by Charlie Hearnshaw, Fender Rhodes by Pete Morris and Andy Barton, Guitar by Pirahnahead, Bass by Jeff Bass...) and vocals by Ladybird and Diviniti, all beautifully arranged by Andy Compton, these songs are definitely a music lesson not to be missed.

Saturday, July 9

DeeperSoul Session 193

Deep!DJ: CakesFactory

Affiliation: That Pink Blog

Country: Portugal
Listen / Download
‎1. 60 Hrtz Project - Its A Journey (Original Mix)
2. Blueday Stereo - Forever (DJ Spinna remix)
3. Leon Ware - On the Beach (Atjazz Love Soul remix)
4. DJ Fudge - Nightglows (100 Chords mix)
5. Masterman - Truth (Groove Assassin remix)
6. The Realm feat. Tony Momrelle - Time (The Realm vocal mix)
7. Dolls Combers ft. Mario Inchausti - You Are (Carlos Vargas Eastside remix)
8. Dolls Combers - The Way You Look Tonight (Original Mix)
9. Jaidene Veda - Soul Size Love (Josh Milan original mix)
10. Fabry Diglio & DaSoul pres. Stephanie Cooke – Feels So Good (Nu Jazz Liveapella)

Tuesday, July 5


Deep!Vick Lavender

Chicago Fusion EP Vol. 7  
There's always a reason to celebrate when it comes to a new Sophisticado record and “Chicago Fusion EP Vol 7” is no exception! “Fusion Tales”, as the title suggests, is a paradisiacal music fusion, a smooth track with a perfect musicianship, glorious melodies and a sense of drive that only a few bands have. “Visions” is a cosmic house music dream written by Vick Lavender and Vijay Tellis-Nayak (also responsible for the monumental Moog ride) with Bobby D on percussion and drum programming by Deejay Cease. Absolutely essential.

On the Beach

Deep!Leon Ware

On the Beach (Atjazz Love Soul remix)  
Expansion House
Originally written, performed and produced by soul music legend Leon Ware, “On the Beach” receives a delightful remix by Martin “Atjazz” Iveson who takes the song to another dimension with his trademark percussive groove and brilliant piano and synth line. Rounding off the package are The Realm with their deeper dub version.

Friday, July 1

Man on fire

Deep!Groove Assassin feat. Pete Simpson

More Than Enough  
Deep Haven
Deep Haven Music is back with a giant new song by Groove Assassin. “More than Enough” features wonderful keyboard work (piano, organ and synth excursions) and a very clean production that is blessed with the gorgeous vocal delights of the one and only Pete Simpson on what is sure to be a summer smasher. Man on fire!