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Monday, October 31

Guest Review (DJ Johnny Key)




Exotic Soul

Curtis Kennard Kincaid

Kaid is back and better than ever in this album sequel which is sure to please! He takes the listener on a journey of romance and passion, and if you like guitar, this is a must have CD! From beginning to end, all 10 songs tell a story and If you make the mistake of skipping through the CD, you will lose the whole concept, as the listener is treated to a pot of delights. I honestly can’t tell you which song is my favorite, because every song is a jewel!
I was able to talk with Kaid briefly about his plans in the future, and simply put, Kaid says, it is “All about the band”. Performing is what he loves and what sets him apart. He is very humble and stresses that without other people surrounding him he would not have been able to grow as an artist. While shut out from the large chain stores that sell music, Kaid is not discouraged. His listening base continues to be those people who are tired of everyday radio music and want to hear something from the heart. I listened to Kaid live in concert and it is a thing of beauty! I have rarely seen an artist provoke a crowd to applause and even tears as he does. He leaves the stage and mingles with the audience, a true artist and performer that is making waves throughout the world!

Reviewed by
Dj Johnny Key

This is love



Sueno Soul feat. Leilani

A Better Love

Stealth Rec.

Another smooth jam by Sueno Soul duo, now on the Roger Sanchez's label Stealth Records. “Better Love” has a great vocal performance by Leilani, nice keys and synth. Remixes by Rocco (included on the 'Release Yourself 4' compilation from the label owner), Dom Navarra and Dave Spoon.

sample 1 / sample 2 / sample 3

A dulpla Sueno Soul apresenta-nos mais um tema soulful com classe, agora na label Stealth Records de Roger Sanchez. “Better Love” tem a voz de Leilani (que garante uma bela performance), teclas agradáveis e synth. Também incluídas estão as remixes de Rocco (já apresentada na compilação “Release Yourself 4” do responsável da label), Dom Navarra e Dave Spoon.

Sunday, October 30

Domenico Navarra & UK Basic



Domenico Navarra

Projects EP

UK Basic

Here we have the 3rd release from the label UK Basic, after “The Afterhours EP“ by Ben Morgan & Lee Mortimer and “Reflections” by Jihad Muhammad. Domenico Navarra (one half of Sueno Soul) is the man behind this record (with 3 tracks) called “Projects EP”. “All That I Have Left” features nice vocals by Laura Williams and bass, keys and pizzicato by Domenico Navarra. William ‘ReelSoul’ Rodriquez is responsible for the remix, adding some great extra keys to the song. Finally, we have “Beat Of The Drum”, a deep percussive track with sax and a lovely bass line.

sample 1 / sample 2 / sample 3

O terceiro disco da label UK Basic, depois “The Afterhours EP“ de Ben Morgan / Lee Mortimer e “Reflections” de Jihad Muhammad, é “Projects EP” de Domenico Navarra (parte dos Sueno Soul). O tema “All That I Have Left” conta com a voz de Laura Williams e toda a parte intrumental (baixo, teclas, etc.) pelo próprio D. Navarro. William ‘ReelSoul’ Rodriquez é o responsável pela remistura, adicionando maravilhosas teclas ao tema. Também incluído está “Beat Of The Drum”, um tema deep com vários elementos de percussão, sax e um baixo que prende o ouvido.




Rokia Triore


Unrestricted Access

Produced by Timmy Regisford and Quentin harris. Beautiful, really beautiful...

sample 1 / sample 2

Guest Review (DJ Deev)




Love Addiction

Plastic City

One surprise that came to me this summer and stays with me in the autumn (and certainly in the winter): “We Are House”, album by Bioground released on Plastic City. Bioground is a project from the Portuguese Luís Novo that shows us an album full of deep rhythms, soulful voices and love. As he says, “all our life is love, that’s what makes us live”. So it’s natural that in “We Are House” Bioground offers us some love histories (good or painful ones) or even sexy and luxurious songs, everything with hypnotizing deep (and tech-house) rhythms, atmospheric elements and great soulful vocals by Jon Silva (from Soda Inc.), Joee, Chelonis R. Jones (from the Germany label Get Physical), Alexandra Hamnede and Karlyn (DJ from San Francisco, known as DJ LadyHouse). This is, certainly, one big show (10/10) of the deep house made in Portugal.

Reviewed by DJ Deev

Uma das surpresas que me chegou este Verão, e que me continua a acompanhar no Outono (e certamente pelo Inverno) veio de Faro via Alemanha: o álbum “We Are House”, o álbum de Bioground com edição pela Plastic City.
Bioground é o projecto do português Luís Novo, que se apresenta num álbum repleto de ritmos deep, vozes soul e amor… Como o próprio diz “toda a nossa vida é amor e isso que nos faz viver”, por isso não é de estranhar que em “We Are House”, Bioground nos conte historias de amor, sejam elas boas, dolorosas, ou mesmo repletas de sexo e luxúria. Tudo envolvido em ritmos hipnotizantes deep house (e também tech house), elementos atmosféricos luxuriantes e grandes as vozes de cariz soul de Jon Silva (dos Soda Inc.), Joee, Chelonis R. Jones ( da etiqueta alemã Get Physical e a quem chamam o novo Prince), Alexandra Hamnede e Karlyn (uma das mais conhecidas dj´s de San Francisco, conhecida por DJ LadyHouse).
Esta é, certamente, uma grande representação, de nota 10/10, do deep house feito no nosso país.

Saturday, October 29




Brett Dancer


Track Mode

Track Mode label head is back! “Dreamin” features relaxing male spoken words by Andre Flagg together with simple but effective beats, charming strings (by Glenn Underground...), lovely keys, synth, flute and a subtle guitar. Let’s dream…

sample 1 / sample 2

The jewels of DJ Kwe


Jihad Muhammad

Hello, all you great and wonderful listeners, DJ's, producers and house enthusiasts. It's been a while since I last posted because I too have been working on some soulful House music of my own to keep the vibe alive and striving. I'm glad to see lots of you were able to download my mix for Deeper Soul Sessions as it was my honour to add to the talented roster of big names that already exist. Thanks to everyone who was able to use my voice for thier tracks and mixes. If I can make your song or mix unique by giving it that personal touch then don't be afraid to say HI and tell me what makes you special in music.

Lastly, special sweet shoutouts to Rogério, he has made one of the best networks in the world to keep soulful house alive and positive. I love that your site expands with new people and new ideas everyday. Keep up the good work! Chi Meegwetch
But this review isn't about me, in fact, it's about similar passionate people who work everyday full time to keep our generation of heartfelt house music lovers satisfied and wanting more. It's my pleasure and delight to introduce you to a Record Label that has top notch productions and harmonic melodies that would make any man and woman dance in the shadow of the moon.
"I'm LOVEN these Records"
Welcome to
Loven Records and please take full advantage of their commitment to bring you quality music. I hope to introduce Loven Records to all of you through reviews and sweet sounds of their soulful funky house music so you get the latest and greatest hits of these "must have" productions. I'm going to submit reviews on the tracks that catch my eye so that you can have first dibs on the gooooods!
1. Ian Crabtree feat. Denise Gordon - Open Your Eyes (Loven Records)
If you're looking for a perfect ending track to a soulful mix then I've found the right ending to your already, awesome, mix. Imagine those sunny days for patio parties in the summer when we save the right sexy track to drop for a beautiful dancing day. "Open Your Eyes" not only gives you a quality arrangement of instruments to give you the "Big Band" feel but it also pays attention to the lyrics of sensability in a sensual world. The very talented vocalist actually sings like she believes what she's saying which is perfect for that soulful party filled with sexy funky people. The production has great fidelity and is bright enough to fill a big room. Hey, don't forget that any track that allows the sax to shine through get's big points from me anyways. Did you even need to ask me twice? lol [sample]
2. Lelani - And Another Day (Loven Records)
On to the next track that would be perfect for all your floorfilling needs. Whether you're in Canada or Portugal you can't miss out on this super groovey, liquid funky, delight that would have any girl dancing in her heels. I particularly loved the levels of the vocals and background melodies as they really were the most engaging elements to this track. But wait, what's that you ask? Was there any sax or horn elements? OF COURSE! Not only do they sexify the track with sax but they make it, deep, down, soulful jazzy goodness. Not too mention it's totally DJ friendly and would compliment any track that followed. [sample]
3. Lelani - And Another Day (Robert Hayes Remix) (Loven Records)
Let me start off by saying that all DEEP house lovers should buy this track right away as it totally merges vocals and deepness into one abSOULute solid track. This would be an amazing track to mix into the original "And Another Day" and go back and forth on both records because the vocals and overlaying sounds compliment each other perfectly. The house pattern is totally DJ friendly and actually makes mixing this record so easy because the arrangement really does it for you. Like all really properly sequenced tracks, they make their patterns so that we can be creative as DJ's. For example, you could take any sax riffs in this track and overlay it over any deep house beat (better make it a good one) and it would move dancefloors like oceans move waves. Try it, I guarantee you that this track is not only going to be a classic in my rotation but I'll also use it as a DJ tool when mixing to a soulful funky crowd. By the way, don't forget to praise the subtle use of congas in this track because we all need some tribal in our sets. Look out for Robert Hayes in more upcoming house tracks as I think he's going to engulf me in every musical way. [sample]
Thanks for your time and I wish you the best that house music can offer. DJ KWE, Crystaaal.

Friday, October 28

DeeperSoul Friends in the mix



....DJ Zeus

October Show


1- Scott Wozniak : Soho Session - Large
2-Andre Harris : Get Down Africa - House Mix - Large
3-Blaze Ft Ultra Naté : Wonderfull Place - Fanatix Vocal Mix - SuSu
4-Rhythm Slaves : As We Go On - Bobby & Steve Remix - Zoo Groove Stereo
5-Little Louie Vega Ft Blaze : Element Of Life - Richard Earnshaw Life Is Elementary - White
6-Christian Alvarez : Buscando - Richard Earnshaw Afro Mix - One 51 Test Pressing
7-Notenshun : Amarante - Phil Asher Restless Soul Remix - Chilli Funk Promo
8-Franck Roger Ft Mandel Turner : Celebrate - BRS -
9-Sterling Ensemble Ft Grant Green Jr : I Can't Tell - Main Vox - Soulshine Promo
10-John Kumahara : Paradise In Sahara - Inawai 2005 Re Edit - Inawai Music
11-Tiger Stripes : Spirited Away - Original - Nitegrooves
12-Jerome Sydenham & Dennis Ferrer : Sandcastles - Ibadan

Thursday, October 27

Limited edition!




Southport Weekender Vol. 4 ( 2 x 12")


Tony Humphries selection
1. Brent Laurence feat Emily Mcintosh - "Let The Music" sample
2. Stephanie Mills - "Free" (Louie Vega vocal remix, JK re-edit) sample
1. Rosie Gaines - "Closer Than Close" (We Deliver remix) sample
2. Donatella Movement - "Love Can Be" sample
DJ Spen selection

1. Vince Montana Jr & The Philly Sound Orchestra - "That's What Love Does" sample
2. Bohannon - "Let's Start The Dance" sample
1. Karizma feat DJ Spen - "4 The Love" (Southport A-Pella) sample
2. Karizma feat DJ Spen - "4 The Love" (Southport Weekender mix) sample

Wednesday, October 26

DeeperSoul Session 12 - Mixed by Edground

Edground was born in Taubaté, São Paulo (Brazil) in 1977 and he had became a dj in 95 influenced by sounds and culture from black music.
He is a journalist that writes about nu jazz, broken beat, brazilian, latin & afro beats, and house music as well. Today Edground has doing himself a project called Grooveland, and the first part of it became a website and a radio show at Radio Kiss FM 101,1 in Taubaté, city closer to São Paulo.
Groove da Kiss is the radio show weekly hosted by Edground, every Sunday, 9 - 11 PM, featuring new black music with old school like nu jazz and house music, funk and r&b, brazilian grooves and broken beat, disco and afrobeats. As a dj, Edground always does incredible mixes that are jorneys between brazilian and afrikan feelings with soulful and jazzy house grooves as well as amazin sounds around the world.

For more info / contact:

Download DeeperSoul Session 12 - Mixed by Edground

  1. Sand Boy feat Nice Ferreira - Viver (Volcov 4-3-2-1 Remix) [Hinterland Records]
  2. John Kumahara&Martino - Paradise in the Sahara (Kenny Carvajal rmx) [Iwanai ]
  3. Tokyo Black Star - Rainbow [Deeply Rooted House]
  4. Dj Rain - Inner Spiritual [Magnify Music]
  5. Gerardo Frisina - Congart [AfroArt Records
  6. Roy Ayers - Holiday (Kenny Dope Main Pass) [Rapster]
  7. Keith Thompson - Africa in Your Veins (Mahoota Ext. Mix) [Waking Monster]
  8. Champion Soul - Holdin' On (Restless Soul Remix) [Sunshine]

DeeperSoul Session 12: come into the Grooveland!

Tuesday, October 25

DeeperSoul Interview - Jihad Muhammad


Jihad Muhammad

Jihad Muhammad

”Producers and labels have to hold on to their goods until they are ready to release that record. Point blank. You can't blame anyone but yourself if you give it out to someone and now some dude has it to give to everyone.”

Could you tell us how you got into the music and about your early career?
I have been djing for a while now... maybe 16 or 17 years. Shep Pettibone, Timmy Regisford, Tony Humphries were my inspiration. I used to just listen to them play records on the radio and I was hooked. I started djing in my basement and then progressed to doing parties until I was good enough to do night clubs.
What’s your music background? [Do have learned how to play some instruments? Which artists have influenced you the most?]
Well, I am first and foremost a dj. I got into the production end because I felt it was the next step to take in my musical career. I don’t know how to play any instruments although I think I will take some piano lessons soon. The artist that have influenced me the most are Stevie Wonder, Roberta Flack, Blaze (my boys) and a bunch of others. The list will go on for days.
You have worked alongside Kevin Hedge of Blaze on the Black Masses "My Heavenly Stars" mixes. How important was that record in your career?
Well, I only did a mix on the record but at the time I saw it as a stepping stone. Not so much because my name was on a record but because of the learning experience. It triggered my interest into the production world.
In your records we see Carolyn Victorian and Malika Zarra (vocals), Vincent Jeffries (keys) and Kevin Jones (percussion), among others. If you had the opportunity, are there any other artists you would like to work with?
Yeah, I would love to work with Louie Vega because of his knowledge of the game. I love almost everything he does. I'm feeling Osunlade and Franck Roger as well. As far as artists, I would love to work with Nadirah Shakoor (I love her voice) and Kenny Bobien. I'm honoured to be doing a record with Pete Simpson out of London. He has a very strong voice so look out for that.
Which producing equipment are you using? [Do you use much software stuff?]
I'm using logic and melodyne. I have a Yamaha Motif for my sounds and Behringer studio monitors.
What records are you currently spinning every time you play?
I try to play a little of everything. I don’t like to say I have a style because that limits you. So I play records that I feel. I'm not trying to be the dj that plays all the current hot jams because then I'll sound like everyone else.
Nowadays, we see Electro and 80’s sound influencing many House productions. Do you think that, in order to move on in house music, producers have to always look back?
I think that producers may have to look back in terms of understanding how records were made (me included). The songs that were out in the early 70's/80's had a very different feel to them. First, they were feel good kind of records. They were not just records that were hits for a month before folks forgot about them. Second, the songs had a message to them. Most songs now are hot because of the beat so people don’t really care about the actual song. We need more songs with meaning to them.
The number of files illegally shared on the Internet don’t stop to grow. As a producer, how is this affecting you? What could be the solution?
I think the need of the dj wanting to have that hot record and then some labels not putting out the music until a year later plays a part as well. But back in the day we didn’t have cds or mp3's so what we did was go to the record store to buy what we wanted. Only the top djs had the exclusives. So now everybody can get their hands on joints because the file sharing is getting out of hand. And when they get the file by the time the record has come out the djs are tired of playing it. The only way it can be stopped is: producers and labels have to hold on to their goods until they are ready to release that record. Point blank. You can't blame anyone but yourself if you give it out to someone and now some dude has it to give to everyone. We have lost the sense of honour in this game at the pursuit of a mp3 file that djs will get tired of in about a month... they chase things just to say "I have it first".
What do you think of the deep/soulful house world scene at the moment and how do you think it will be in the future?
There are a lot of talented producers coming out with very good records so the "soulful" scene is doing pretty well when it comes to the standard of music that’s coming out. New York is grooving and New Jersey (where I’m from) has a lot of talent and good parties going on so I see our future getting brighter.
If you had the power to change anything in the music industry, what would be your first action?
That’s a serious I guess I would try to see how I could combat the file sharing issue.
What can we expect to hear more from you in the near future?
Well, West End just released "loungin" and UK Basic just released "Reflections", a song that I did with Carolyn Victorian. Iwanai Music just brought a song I did called “No way back" which is a remix to the old Adonis jam. Also lookout for "number one" that’s coming out on Shack Music soon. I'm also in the process of putting out my own releases soon so I'm excited about that.
Listen here some of his records:
"Reflections" (UK Basic)
"The Other Side" (Shack Music)
"The Dawn" (Camio)
"Melt In You" (Hustle Music)

Monday, October 24

Go On



Rhythm Slaves

As We Go On

Zoo Groove

Richard Gow, under his moniker Rhythm Slaves, is building a respectable discography, including releases on labels like Deep Funk, Grab, Diaspora, Knee Deep, Easy Street, Soussol, Undo, among others. Now on Zoo Groove, he is back with another soulful joint with his typical bassline and pleasant keys. Bobby and Steve (label owners) are the responsibles for the remix, adding more energy to the song.

sample 1 / sample 2 / sample 3

Richard Gow (Rhythm Slaves) está a construir uma discografia muito respeitável, quer em quantidade quer em qualidade, incluindo edições em labels como a Deep Funk, Grab, Diaspora, Knee Deep, Easy Street, Soussol, Undo, entre outras. Agora na Zoo Groove, ele está de volta com mais um disco soulful preenchido pelas teclas e baixo que já se tornaram típicas nos seus trabalhos. Bobby e Steve (responsáveis pela label) fizeram uma remistura que acrescenta mais energia ao tema.

Sunday, October 23

4 x 4



DJ Dwayne Jensen feat Courtney Jackson

Don't Fight It sample1 / sample2 / sample3



A Squared

Perception sample

Moods & Grooves


Juan Hoerni

Bomba (Mateo & Matos Remix) sample

Cha Cha


Terry Hunter feat Dana Divine

Be Thankful (T. Hunter & Kenny Dope mixes) sample1 / sample2


Friday, October 21

Music Philosophie



GU & Black Mamba

Your Nativity


Produced by Glenn Underground and DJ Pap, “Your Nativity” features female spoken words together with charming keys, sweet percussion, deep bassline and an incredible and truly irresistible jazzy piano. Beautiful record…

sample 1 / sample 2

Produzido por Glenn Underground e DJ Pap, “Your Nativity” conta com spoken words acompanhadas por teclas charmosas, percussão cuidada, baixo deep e piano jazzy absolutamente encantador.

Summer is over?



Deep Solution

Latin Vibes EP5

Mettle Music

sample 1 / sample 2

Wednesday, October 19

Soulful Method



Method Unique

Travesty (Broadcite Unplugged Vol. One)


Taken from Broadcite Unplugged Volume One, "Travesty" is, in the original form, a quality piece of soulful broken beat. Soulmotion remix puts the song in the house territory.

sample 1 / sample 2

Retirado da compilação “Broadcite Unplugged”, o tema "Travesty” é, na sua forma original, uma agradável momento de Broken Beat. A remistura de Soulmotion atira o tema para territórios da House Music, sendo o resultado acolhedor.

Seasons news



Franck Roger

We Walk To Dance (Album Sampler)

Seasons Limited

The sampler from the forthcoming Franck Roger album on Seasons Limited, “We Walk To Dance”, is now available. “Get Out Of Here” (sample2), “Here On Earth” (sample3) e “We Walk To Dance” (sample1) are the tracks inside.

sample 1 / sample 2 / sample 3

Três dos temas do álbum de Franck Roger que sairá no início do próximo ano na label Seasons Limited estão agora disponíveis: “Get Out Of Here”, “Here On Earth” e “We Walk To Dance”.

Tuesday, October 18

Guest Review (Franco Martinelli)



Rosie Gaines

Closer than close (remixes)


Rosie Gaines' 1996 soulful smash gets the rework treatment from We Deliver and Candy Apple for this 2005 release. We Deliver provides an hot soulful remix with loucious strings, warm keys and bouncing beats, along with a beautiful "Reprise mix". Candy Apple's Vocal remix is a funked up track with solid beats, percussion groove, funky guitar licks and a warm bassline, while the "Dub remix" is a powerful and effective tasty track that rocks the dancefloor. Hot.

Samples coming soon

Reviewed by Franco Martinelli

DeeperSoul Friends in the mix



....DJ Rick Felix

Daydreaming of you


1. One Day, J-Spen - Backroom Bandits
2. You, Raheem DeVaughn - Fall out Records
3. Boogie Break 2, Joseph - Next Dimension Music w/ All I do, Steve Wonder - VSM Records
4. Loving Back - David Panda/Franck Roger - Seasons
5. Feel Me, Alicia Keys versus Rick Felix - CDR
6. Insane, Rick Felix - Next Dimension Music
7. Latin Blues, K-Scope
8. Falling in love Again, Reggie Burrell - HMR
9. Let me show you love, Romanthony - BBE Records
10. Son of Raw, Dennis Ferrer - Ibadan
11. Atmosphere, Kerri Chandler - Ibadan w/ Touch Me Acapella
12. Talking Japanese, El Diablo - Media Services NYC
13. Macaco, Blackman Bano - Yoruba Records
14. Special, Sara Devine/Louie Vega - Vega Records
15. A Step Higher, Jeremias Santiago - FTL Records
16. Angel, Franck Roger - Lefunken
17. Simple, Joe Clausell - Sacred Rhythm Music
18. Another Day, Fertile Ground - Yoruba Soul

Monday, October 17

Body & Soul



Joyful Noise

Call Me

Qalo Mota

Soulful NYC styled house from France. This record features rhodes, organ, piano, moog, flute (all by Ludovic Bars), live drums (by Antoine Demanke) ans saxophone (by Joshua Levitt). “Call me” also has soulful vocals buy Y. Woods. Body & Soul...

sample 1 / sample 2

De França chega-nos um disco ao estilo soulful de NYC que inclui rhodes, orgão, piano, moog, flauta (todos por Ludovic Bars) e saxophone (por Joshua Levitt). “Call me” conta também com a performance vocal de Y. Woods. Body & Soul...

Sunday, October 16

Instrumental Vybe



Steal Vybe

Chris “Cee Rule” Forman and Damon “Mr. Dizzy Fingers” Bennett are back with some amazing instrumental tracks.
Electronic Arrangements EP on West Wend feautures 3 gorgeous tracks with wicked synth arrangements: "Techtronic", "Algorythm (Here Comes The Sun)" and "Odyssey".
“Echos” on Steal Vybe Music has 5 really irresistible mixes. It seems that these beautiful tracks are only available in digital format… Dam, it deserves a 12” release, don’t you think?

"Electronic Arrangements EP": sample1/sample2/sample3

“Echos”: sample1/sample2/sample3/sample4/sample5

Chris “Cee Rule” Forman e Damon “Mr. Dizzy Fingers” Bennett estão de volta com mais alguns brilhantes temas instrumentais.
Electronic Arrangements EP na label West End contem 3 temas com maravilhosos arranjos de synth: "Techtronic", "Algorythm (Here Comes The Sun)" e "Odyssey".
“Echos” na label Steal Vybe Music aparece em 5 versões verdadeiramente irresistíveis. Ao que parece, este tema está disponível apenas em formato digital, algo que muito me custa a aceitar dado que sou da opinião que o mesmo merecia, sem qualquer favor, um 12”.

4 x 4 - Vocal Affair




Colorblind sample



The Rurals

Sorry sample1 / sample2 / sample3



Fish Go Deep feat Tracey K

The Cure & The Cause (original+Dennis F. rmx)sample1/sample2

Go Deep


Joe Davis

Love Affair sample1 / sample2 / sample3


Friday, October 14

Mr. A.L.I. news

Another 2 soulful gems from Chicago duo MR. A.L.I. (Jere McAllister & Vic Lavender), after the success of "About Us".


Mr. A.L.I. feat Eddie Arroyo

Dance All Night



Mr. A.L.I. feat. Carla Prather

Rainy Day

West End Rec.

“Dance All Night” features soulful vocals, bass by Lamar Jones, percussion by Joe Rendon, keys by Mike Logan, sax and clarinet by Michael Levin and trombone by Craig Sunken (What more can we ask?). On the other side, Ron Carroll gives some kind of big room potential to the song.
“Rainy Day” has an emotional vocal performance by Carla Prather and an irresistible trumpet and guitar lines. This song will be included on Mr. A.L.I.'s forthcoming debut album on West End Records (can’t wait!).
Sample 1 (“Dance All Night”) / Sample 2 (“Dance All Night” - Ron Carroll remix)
Sample 3 (“Rainy Day" instrumental) / Sample 4 (“Rainy Day" - vocal)
“Dance All Night”, um tema com o perfume do jazz, impõe desde logo respeito pelo conjunto de instrumentos que contém: baixo (por Lamar Jones), teclas (por Mike Logan), saxofone e clarinete (por Michael Levin) e trombone (por Craig Sunken). Ron Carroll torna o tema mais apelativo para as pistas de dança, com claro sacrifício da riqueza instrumental do original.
“Rainy Day" conta com a maravilhosa voz de Carla Prather e irresistíveis linhas de guitarra e trompete. Este tema será incluído no album de Mr. A.L.I. que será editado brevemente na West End (venha ele!).




DJ Pope feat. Lynette Smith

Addicted (Kerri Chandler remix)

Hustle Music

The long awaited track by Dj Pope feat. Lynette Smith "Addicted" remixed by Kerri Chandler will be coming out on Hustle Music next month. Digital promos are now available.

sample 1 / sample 2

A tão falada e aguardada remistura de Kerri Chandler para o tema "Addicted" de Dj Pope feat. Lynette Smith vai ser lançada na label Hustle Music no próximo mês. As promos em formato digital estão já disponíveis.




Lil Louis

Do You Love Me (Mr. K edit + original)


sample 1 / sample 2

Thursday, October 13




Richard Earnshaw

Life Is Elementary


sample 1 / sample 2

Tuesday, October 11

Just a Dream



Kimara Lovelace & Fanatix

Just a Dream (Original + Reel Soul mixes)

Home Rec.

This track from Aaron Ross & Neil Pierce (Fanatix), the UK duo that’s making a lot of noise this year, made his first appearance before WMC 2005 and now will be finally released on Home Records. Sharp beats together with nice keys, incredible bassline and the Kimara’s sultry voice makes this track a potential success. Reel Soul remixes are a truly soulful affair.

sample 1 (Instrumental) / sample 2 (Vocal)

sample 3 (Reel Soul Vocal) / sample 4 (Reel Soul Dub)

Este tema de Aaron Ross e Neil Pierce, o duo Inglês que tanto furor tem feito este ano, apareceu ainda antes da WMC de 2005 e agora vai ser finalmente lançado na label Home Records. Os beats penetrantes em conjunto com teclas sedutoras e a voz de Kimara fazem deste tema um potencial sucesso (seja lá o que isso for em relação a este género de música…) nas pistas de dança. As remisturas de Reel Soul atiram o tema para territórios mais soulful.

Monday, October 10

4 x 4 - Beauty Guide



Sterling Ensemble feat. Grant Green Jr.

I Can Tell sample



Pirahnahead & Diviniti

Love sample



Kevin Yost & Horace James

Situation Green [Black Fuse] sample



Fred Everything

Soulmates sample


Saturday, October 8

DeeperSoul Session 11 - Mixed by DJ TuXxl

DJ TuXxL from France started Djaying at 15 in parties with friends; he was a funky / dance music lover in the late 80s. He start listening to radio shows with Dimitri from Paris on NRJ, and also lot of local FM before they were closed by major companies and their business.In the middle 90s, he left his decks to do some studies and looking for a work in computer science. But for music lovers it's hard to let their decks down... So, few years late he was back with his music at work (he was in a company doing websites). The UniversDJ website was born this way: he needed some ftp space to let his friends listen to his music at work. So he made that portal and fortunally some people like Kik, Bibi (when he was on NRJ) came onto UniversDJ website and talk about it on the biggest soulful radio show that existed in France. Then lots of djs came in… Now UniversDJ community have more than 4 000 djs (with famous and bedroom djs) around the world and 6 000 guests. TuXxl is trying to make promotion of soulful house music and Djs, preparing radio shows, parties and booking (in France for the moment), and also helping labels on new releases/artists. He plays essentially for his website, some radio shows and also in a club in Aix-en-Provence called le Divino (where he plays Soulful, Raw and Garage).

Download DeeperSoul Session 11 - Mixed by DJ TuXxl

1 - Mood II Swing ft Lauren - Magical life (Extended Dub Vocal)
2 - Light 4 Lines pres Ynez - Azul (Phil Ashers' restless soul mix)
3 - On AMBR003 – Fall
4 - Psoul feat. Peter Panic - Time Is Coming
5 - Jovonn - Dance to Dance
6 - Andrew Macari - Seven Of Nine
7 - Terence FM - Stay around (remix)
8 - Juan Hoerni - Afrique (DJ Spinna remix)
9 - Dj Oji ft Carolyn Victorian - Everything you want
10 - Ron Carroll - Classical Moments In time (Ron Carrolls Beautiful Sunrise Mix)
11 - On King Street sounds - Now It's Time

DeeperSoul Session 11 - Music is a universal language... UniversDJ!

Friday, October 7

Blaze + Danny Krivit + Karizma? Yes, yes!




Gloria's Muse (Danny Krivit & Karizma rmxs)

West End

sample 1 (Danny Krivit 718 mix) / sample 2 (Karizma mix)

DeeperSoul Friends in the mix


Just do It!

DJ Goncie

"Just Do It"


1- Let Me love You (Acapella) - Masters At Work
2 – RocketShip (Goncie Special Loop-Edit) – Donnie
3 - Soul Drums (Heb Martin Original) - Heb Martin
4 - Dreamland (Original Mix) - Passion Dance Orchestra
5 - House Is a Feeling (Acapella)
6 – Ma Mi Mama (Extended Perform U Heris Vox Mix) - Little Louie Vega
7 - Central Reservation (Ibadan) - Beth Orton
8 - Special (Roots Mix) - Little Louie Vega Ft. Sara Devine
9 - Free (Roots Dub) - Louie Vega ft. Stephanie Cooke
10 - Free My Soul (Acapella) - Defected Black Acapellas
11 - Free (Acapella) - Louie Vega ft. Stephanie Cooke
12 - Musica De Amor (Masters At Work Mix) - The Latin Project
13 -Let The Children Play (Extended Original) - EOL
14 - This Is The Rhythm Of My Life (Original Reprise) - Tania Maria

Finally available on Vinyl!



John Kumahara feat Martino

Paradise In The Sahara (Kenny Carvajal remix)


5 months after the first cd promos, “Paradise In The Sahara” remix is finally available on 12”. This is a simply fantastic remix by Kenny Carvajal who gives his outstanding touch to Martino’s keys. Even for those who have this track on cd, this 12” is a must have for your collection.

sample 1 (Kenny Carvajal remix) / sample 2 (Iwanai 2005 re-edit)

A remix de Kenny Carvajal para” Paradise In The Sahara” está finalmente disponível em vinyl, passados mais de 5 meses das primeiras promos em CD. Este disco é simplesmente fantástico e obrigatório mesmo para os que têm o tema em CD. Órgão, teclas e percussão, tudo tocado com uma alma de outro mundo…

Thursday, October 6

In the morning



Jafrosax feat Vikter Duplaix

In the morning

Pantone Music

Jafrosax is an project of Pantone artist Yukihiro Fukutomi. “In the morning” features feel good lyrics and vocals by Vikter Duplaix and lush instrumentation. The Jazztronik version includes their trademark piano, acoustic guitar (by Yoshito Tanaka), saxophone solo and additional percussion by Takashi Nakazato.

sample 1 (Jazztronik re: edit) / sample 2 (Orto remix)

Jafrosax é um projecto de Yukihiro Fukutomi, artista da label Pantone. “In the morning” conta com a voz de Vikter Duplaix (também responsável pelas letras) acompanhada por variados instrumentos em perfeita harmonia. A versão de Jazztronik inclui o piano que os caracteriza, guitarra acústica (por Yoshito Tanaka), solo de saxofone e percussão adicional por Takashi Nakazato.

Deeply Rooted House



Inner Soul

Support Your DJ

Deeply Rooted House (008)

After the deepness of Tokyo Black Star (DRH 007) guess what we have now on DJ Deep’s label Deeply Rooted House… more deepness! With a strong bassline and nice keys together with male spoken words, this track has an incredible deep feeling.

sample 1 / sample 2

Depois do tema “Rainbow” de Tokyo Black Star (DRH 007), a label Deeply Rooted House de DJ Deep oferece-nos mais um disco deep. Com uma linha de baixo possante e teclas de belo efeito acompanhadas por spoken words, este tema consegue passar bem a mensagem que carrega.

Tuesday, October 4




Light 4 Lines pres. Ynez


Shack Deep Music

Japan's Light 4 Lines return on Shack Deep with “Azul” featuring vocals by Colombian jazz vocalist Marta Gomez (her first experience on dance music). This stunning latin affair includes 3 versions for our listen pleasures: “Phil Ashers' Restless Soul Mix” (sample1), “Del Alma Mix” (featured on New York's Superclub Cielo "Cloud 9" compilation) (sample2) and “Azufro Dub” (sample3). With lovely instrumentation and a truly amazing voice this is an essential release.

sample 1 / sample 2 / sample 3

Os japoneses Light 4 Lines voltam à carga na label Shack Deep com “Azul”, um tema que conta com a voz da colombiana Marta Gomez (uma vocalista de jazz latino numa primeira experiência na música de dança). Este belíssimo disco inclui 3 versões: “Phil Ashers' Restless Soul Mix” (sample1), “Del Alma Mix” (sample2) e “Azufro Dub” (sample3). Com uma parte instrumental verdadeiramente encantadora e uma voz viciante, este disco é, naturalmente, obrigatório...

Southport Weekender presents...



Southport Weekender Vol. 4

Tony Humphries & DJ Spen

suSU (October, 24)

CD 1 - Mixed by Tony Humphries

1 - What You Gonna Do - Behind The Groove; 2 - Just Got Paid - Ron Carroll; 3 - This Is The Remix - Deep Josh; 4 - Let The Music - Brent Laurence featuring Emily McIntosh; 5 - Happy - Rashaan Houston; 6 - Spinning Inside Your Love - Robert Strauss; 7 - Weekend Fever - George Mena and Frankie Estevez; 8 - Closer Than Close 2005 - Rosie Gaines; 9 - Free (JK re-edit) - Stephanie Millls; 10 - Leave My Head Alone Brain - Henrisk Schwarz; 11 - Just A Little Bit - Graceland featuing Billie; 12 - Love Can Be - Donatella Movement; 13 - Spirit - Luis Radio feauring Sabrina Johnton; 14 - Wonderful Place (Bobby & Steve & James Ratcliff Remix) - Blaze Featuring Ultra Nate.

CD 2 - Mixed by DJ Spen

1 - The Way You Love Me - Ron Hall & The Muthafunkaz; 2 - Bar A Thym - Kerri Chandler; 3 - Changing Times - The Polyphonics; 4 - Let's Start The Dance - Bohannon; 5 - Swimming Places - Julian Jabre / 4 The Love (Acapella) - Karizma featuring DJ Spen; 6 -Grateful - Dennis Ferrer feat Kenny Bobien; 7 Gloria's Muse (Karizma Remix) - Blaze/Corps A Corps - Torrie by Claude Monet; 8 - Beside Myself - Foremost Poets; 9 - Life Ain't What It Seems - Sterling Ensemble; 10 - My Devotion - DJ Spen featuring Vonita White; 11 - Cold Getting Dumb - Raw Inc; 12 - Old Man Groan - Jovonn; 13 - Another Day - Kings Of Tomorrow; 14 - In My Heart (Muthafunkaz Remix Dub) - Bobby & Steve; 15 - That's What Love Does (Louis Beneditti Club Vox) - Vincent Montana Jnr & The Philly Sound Orchestra; 16 - Dance With Me - K Klass featuring Rosie Gaines; 17 - Sons Of Raw - Dennis Ferrar; 18 -If You Should Ever Be Lonely - Jada; 19 - Wonderful Place (Fanatix Dub) - Blaze featuring Ultra Nate

Unmixed cd

1 - Vincent Montana 2 - Stephanie Mills 3 - Brent Laurence 4 - Dennis Ferrer featuring Kenny Bobien 5 - Blaze Feat Ultra Nate 6 - Sterling Enesmble 7 - Donatella Movement 8 - Ron Carroll 9 -Raw Inc 10 - Jada

Review and samples coming soon...

Sunday, October 2

II Soulful Songs



Ron Trent & Quentin Harris


Need 2 Soul

Need2Soul is a club night, always with deep and soulful house music provided by some of the most talent djs in the world. Like the club night, the label will be all about quality music and the first release is confirming that. 'Happiness' is a collaboration between one of the most prolific producers these days, Quentin Harris, and one house music legend, Ron Trent. Featuring the sexy and emotional vocals of Cordell McClary, this is a record not be missed.
Need2Soul é uma noite de club caracterizada por deep/soulful house vindo de alguns dos mais talentosos djs do género. Tal como essa noite, a label tem como objectivo a promoção do house de qualidade. O primeiro disco é 'Happiness', uma colaboração entre um dos mais prolíficos produtores da actualidade, Quentin Harris, e Ron Trent, sem esquecer a marcante voz de Cordell McClary. A não perder.


Mood II Swing feat. Lauren

Magical Life

King Street Sounds

Magical life, magical release! Mood II Swing are back with “Magical life”. With an irresistible laidback feeling and an amazing vocal performance by Lauren, this soulful song is very appealing to the ear.
Com “Magical life” parece que os Mood II Swing estão de volta ao som soulful e menos comercial ao qual viraram as costas nos últimos tempos. Não deixando de ser um tema orelhudo, este novo trabalho não está preso ao imediatismo na pista de dança que tem comprometido algumas das suas produções.